Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Drink Of The Day

Does everyone know what these are? They're dried Chinese red dates or jujubes. Ladies, if you get disgusted easily, I urge you not to read on because I'm gonna get into a bit of dirty details of the female body =p
Do you ever have weird stuff in between your period but it's not a yeast infection? Most likely it's due to your va-jayjay's self cleansing stuff. If you sometimes have to use panty liners during these weirded up days, here's a natural solution to reduce your va-jayjay from overly cleansing and releasing grossness!
With that said, this is what my mama taught me, you know how mothers seem to know so many things. She said that your va-jayjay may release excess stuff between periods because your body has a lot of "hot air" or excess heat. (yeet hei in Cantonese) and also because your body isn't balanced. My mom has trained in Chinese medicine, mainly with reflexology, where you would get pressure points on your foot massaged to help certain parts of you and your body get better. (it hurts like a mofo btw) So to help reduce this problem she says to use red dates and make a drink out of it. As gross as it may sound, I have had this problem before. I'm not ashamed to admit it, not everyone is perfect. I've started drinking this for a few days and I have seen immediate results, although not totally gone away with, but it helps. I've been to the doctor about this but she just tells me to use a yeast infection kit, which doesn't do anything.
I'm not expert in this, but it is what I use as a natural remedy to help solve my problem, so it you're iffy on this, then don't try it.

Here's how to make it:
10-12 dried pitted red dates
2 mugs of water
A squeeze of honey (optional, if you are picky about the taste of red dates)

It is important to have the dates pitted. The seed will make your throat sore (I don't know why), so you don't want to boil it into the drink. Boil the water and add the dates and let it simmer on medium for about 5-10 minutes. Turn off the heat and cover for another 5 minutes, drain, let it cool and drink up!
I only use 1 1/2 mugs of water, it boils down to about half a mug so it's pretty concentrated, plus I don't use honey in it either. Depending on the amount of water you use, it'll look golden to a deep amber colour. I'm drinking this every other day or so.
BTW, the smell of the boiling red dates will be strong. If you don't like weird smells, just pop open a window.
Even if you don't have this problem, red dates are still good for you anyway XD


miemiemie said...

i don't bash at people usually..its just that i want to share thoughts on feelings and you know dreams or wishes..its rather too personal, and if you happen to know filipino people..especially girls, they love gossip..i usually don't care if people think of me in a certain way,its just that i don't want them to get the wrong idea about me..and then would even start rumors and stuff..some of my friends are gullible too so if they hear shit about me,they might believe stuff like that..hahaha but oh well,in short..i just want my privacy,that's it :)

Bittenbefore said...

ah interesting
i dont even have periods so this doesnt really apply to me but its interesting!

fuzkittie said...

I drink that too! xD My mom sends me ziploc packets of the ingredients and I just cook them in water.

I chuckled every time you said va-jayjay. Haha!

beeyoutiful7 said...

Thank you so much for the welcome message! Yes, Im still trying to figure out a few things. Hopefully, I can start blogging soon =)
Your entries are so helpful and interesting. thanks*

Chiara said...

My mom used to make me drink that too! I've always hated the taste :P

Lucette said...

miss MiuMiu -- I've just discovered your blog and I love it! So interesting.
i'm Korean/European, currently living in the US, & just returned from visiting family in Seoul (my mother's Korean). I don't speak/understand any Korean either, but I'm considering staying in Korea for a bit for some consulting work.
I do enjoy reading your reflections -- & it's nice to hear about another Asian(ish) beauty junkie finding herself in Seoul without yet knowing the language! PS - you look super cute in your pictures traipsing round that palace & playing Gothic lolita dressup.

As a side note, were you disappointed any that Korean girls don't seem too keen on eyeshadow or highlighter/bronzer/blushers? I was hoping to find some cute cosmetics suitable for my skintone, but mostly I saw BBcream/pink lip/and of course, skincare. Your blog (+ Fuzkittie's which I also stumbled on) is tempting me into Japanese cosmetics! (Oh, & your Skinfood mask! Amazing!) Anyhow, on my visit I didn't get quite as much stuff as i'd craved for (arrived virtually skint &, well, that didn't change). but I did have the added benefit of native guides/translators (my mother & aunt) so next time I return I aim to buy up the Amore Pacific skincare counter + as much Laneige as possible. ;) (Have you got indoctrinated into the mandatory 4+-step skincare regimen yet?)

I could never resist popping into an Etude House either, haha. Have you been to Innisfree, Tony Moly, Face Shop & It's Skin? They're about the same price range & style but slightly less pink. Banila Co is another in the same vein but more of a combination MAC/Benefit vibe (more focused on cosmetic artistry instead of the usual barrage of skincare systems & 140000 BB creams). If I recall there's a whole group of them plus an Aritaum clustered up on one particular single street of Myeongdong - on Saturdays they vie for customers' attention & hand out freebies to anyone passing by (Laneige essence packets!) And isn't it funny how Maybelline & L'Oreal are marketed as prestige brands? The price gets so jacked up there...
Olive Young is fun cos they arrange the products by type rather than brand, plus the shopgirls are less inclined to hassle, but for Laneige & other Amore products I prefer going to a department like Shinsegae cos they give you more samples & try their best to explain, even if you don't end up purchasing. (Also they often have free-gifts.) Neigbourhood beauty stores are often cheaper than Olive Young, too, for some reason.

Oh dear. I've really chattered your ear off. I guess I'm just excited to find another neophyte to this strange new world. :) I ought to get one of these blog things. :) Best of luck with teaching & have fun! (PS - saw those jujubes in the market & had no idea what to do with them. now I know!)

MiuMiu said...

Hey Chiara!
Thanks for stopping by!
Haha the taste AND the smell drives me insane. But of course i have to choke it down. I think it might have helped a bit for my cramps too, it's not as severe or maybe that's what I'd like to think ~.^
Mothers always seem to know what's best right? Then they make you eat/drnik certain things XD

MiuMiu said...

Hey Lucette!
Thanks for dropping by!
Haha, i'm still a newbie to the blogging world.
It's quite a challenge coming here with no background of the language at all, but it's kinda fun to try communicating with pointing fingers and drawing pictures haha. the calculator is a must for the SAs to show me the prices hehe.
Did you think it was hard fitting into the Korean scence when you don't speak/undersatnd korean? for the makeup, i wasn't expecting to buy too much here, other than etude house and laneige. so i didn't really have high expectations for makeup. i did wanted to buy a ton of japanese makeup, but it's not really available here, so i have to wait for my trip to Hong Kong to stock up.
For the eyeshadows, i noticed from testing it out, that it's super glittery, a bit too much actually, esp etude house. im' starting to lean on more natural and still glittery makeup, but not overly glittery.
now that you mentioned it, i didn't notice many bronzers here at all. but then i wouldn't be surprised that there isn't many available. i find most korean girls seem to be more into a white/paleish looking skin so that might be a reason.
i have yet to use a real BB cream, right now i'm using Etude house's speedy mineral base. it's got the same properties as a BB cream, but the SAs tell me it's not. most likely because it's very light with the coverage.
I hate to say it, but..japanese cosmetics are the best! IMO. i just feel that it's more flattering on asian skintones.
skinfood is my saviour! i'm so surprised that it reduced the appearance of my freckles! the only other product i've tried was the herb green tea pack (a wash off mask) and it stings/burns my skin. what a waste of $8CAD for a small tub.
i think laneige cosmetics are expensive. at retail price, the eyeshadow box that i have now, is roughly $30CAD. I ordered it online so I got it cheaper. The skincare items are a lot cheaper though. compared with canada. for laneige i'm only using the 3 steps, no essence, i never understood the point of it. it makes my skin more oily. it's just face wash, toner and emulsion.
those darn SAs at the makeup stores! they jsut like to lure me in! i've never seen tony moly here, strange huh.
olive young's SA drive me insane, they follow me around like i'm some sorta strange creature who's gonna steal something! lol. i also don't like how it's separated by types, i prefer brands XD
in the 2 months i've been here, i've never set foot into aritaum haha. its hard to drag my bf around when i'm shopping for makeup
i haven't taken a good look at banila co, mainly because the packaging doesn't thrill me.
shinsegae...oh i love that dept store! i've went to it once, it's kind of far for me even by subway.
i have yet to go in the local beauty stores cuz i'm afraid of hassling SAs and evil stares hehe.
if you start a blog, i think you should be warned that you might end up with more skincare/makeup items that you'd like! so many temptations everywhere!
i've never realy been a fan of maybelline or l'oreal cuz they've failed me before. i prefer to get those moer expensive brands XD however when it comes to shopping for makeup, i'm qutie indecisive, i must think about how many times i might use it and if a certain product is worth the money hehe.
sometimes i think i like to admire makeup more than using it. i don't really use makeup when i'm at school, except for blush and powder.
thanks, teaching here is tough.
maybe you could give me a few shopping places to go to =)

swing set theory said...

This is Lucette -- I knew I had one of these Blogger logins stashed someplace. :)
I SO know what you mean about the salespeople, the calculators, & the pointing... ha.
oh, you must try BB cream! (I've tested Etude's Speedy Mineral Base - IMO it's quite different.) they can be particularly good for oily/combo skin (i have dry skin, myself). My skintone is ivory with strong golden undertones so many ones I tried were not moisturizing or golden enough for me. From your profile pic, I'm thinking (correct me if I'm off!) you're more Lee Hyori-tanned? (lucky you!) But anyway, they spread like a dream.
I love luxe pretty makeup, too. :) I'm a sucker for elegant packaging. I guess my suggestions were geared more toward student/gradschool budgets (&, ahem, my own...damn recession!). But yeah, I love my Chanel. I'm on a skincare kick right now, though.
to answer your Q, I was mostly interacting with people from global companies or my family (who are odd ducks themselves -- my Korean uncle I first met back in Belgium), so I didn't get much of a chance w/ a representative slice of Korean society. :( Being Eurasian, I'm used to manifesting conspiciously as an Other. (treated as mainly Asian in the US, often Spanish (think a Goya print) in the EU, & startlingly Western in Asia.) I can say that salespeople & passersby tended to speak to me in Japanese (not English! not Korean!), which was puzzling until I got a few explanations: first, I had brown hair (when as you can't help but notice the fashion is for glossy black -- any stragglers are invariably Japanese or, uh, need to get with the program: try it, the sorting algorithm's pretty accurate). & for whatever reason my Eurasian phenotype translated into 'Japanese with a hell of a lot of cocked-up plastic surgery'. (I even went to a sauna & had a scrub-down. Totally recommend the experience if & only if you've got a Korean-speaking companion to tag along. I didn't get too many looks, save for one older lady whose stare was downright rude (I stared daggers at her back till she relented; then she mumbled to her friend about waegook & something complimentary about my S-line -- so, all's well that ends well). on the other hand, Koreans can be real blunt concerning appearance: early on I got in an altercation with a poodle (LONG BUT TRUE STORY) which resulted in a nasty scratch down one cheek; for that week, total strangers were coming up to me & in lieu of 'hello' would say: 'you have a skin problem'/'what happened to your face'. (like I hadn't noticed).
ooh, shopping -- there's a topic i love. didn't have too much time to myself so I had to squeeze mine in. there's Lotte Young -- it's a whole department store adjacent to Lotte Dept (around Myeongdong), except solely centered on young people's fashions + accoutrements. I also liked the area around Gangnam Station (on metro). The people can be fabulous, & depending on which subway exit you take, the streets are lined with shops from the ground up, not to mention the small underground shopping at the station itself. (which, if I remember, contains the only Tony Moly I'd seen). (there's also a Red Mango yogurt on a 2nd level across from the Jump Milano building; I don't know about Canada, but in California it's a recent import & big deal.) My relatives & others particularly recommended the underground mall at Samseong station which, unfortunately, I'd not had time to visit. I'm told that Apkujeong has especially chic shopping -- I didn't have the chance to search out the right streets (altho I did spot Galleria & Hyundai dept stores), but I can attest that it's prime territory for people-watching & playing plastic-nose bingo. Seriously, I've seen some fantastically beautiful people round those parts. Style inspiration all right.
I like the blog annalog dott blogspot dott com (don't know the author personally, but she's an English teacher) & she chronicled trendy/fashionable districts to scout.
Aritaum is like the outpost of anything under the Amore Pacific umbrella; hence Mamonde, Laneige, Iose, etc. Shinsegae being a chain, some are better than others -- my home stop was Ori station & I actually preferred that Shinsegae to the Seoul center... - I agree w/ you on the Japanese vs Korean makeup deal, Japanese makeup has so much more dimension to it rather than just slapping on the pasty white face (although I really do wish I had picked up a Laneige snow radiant baked highlighter). Oh - @ the Incheon airport, the duty-free has Japanese makeup counters! They had Lunasol, Shiseido, & Impress -- I glimpsed the Lunasol geminate liners but I was too much in a rush. I daresay the prices might be a deal, though, because the Amore Pacific counter carried their Moisture Bound creme for USD $67 (compare 93k won at Shinsegae, & 150 USD in the US).
oh, & I'm also one of those to covet makeup & stare at the pretty casings rather than use it on a regular basis, & I debate over every purchase (make little pilgrimages to stare at it in its enshrined glory till my shopping companions have had enough) :) well -- I suppose we're aesthetes. I've fallen for the MM liners of your last post...lovely!
take care, L

MiuMiu said...

Hey Lucette,
I just purchased a Skinfood BB cream and tried it out yesterday, surprisingly it does better at oil control than the Etude House SMB. However, both aren't very good with coverage. I'm not too bothered by that though since I don't like to know that i look fake hehe.
Hmmm...i never really noticed Hyori's skin before hahaha, but thanks! I'm actually not too sure whether I should be choosing makeup with pink or yellow undertones, I've been choosing yellow, just because I'm Chinese, but I have a feeling that it doesn't match me too well. I tried Lavshuca's powder foundation in BE-C and it might have been a touch too dark for me, which is why I never used it again.
I actually like anything that's cute or elegant haha I'm not particularly picky with that, anything that looks too plain, I wouldn't even consider looking at the colours hehe.
It's so strange the way people treat you, but do you often tell them that you're korean/european? I get a lot of people assuming I'm japanese as well. Strange though. I saw a girl with blonde hair the other day and she just stuck out like a sore thumb, i would have thought some more people would have dyed their hair considering one of their major stars, hyori lee, has a copper tone to her hair.
Haha, I don't think I could go to a spa, I'm kinda self conscious about myself. I've tried the facials, but it just doesn't feel like anything's been done. I'm on a sheet mask rampage, twice a week with the skinfood ones. I'm thinking of getting their carrot collagen eye masks when I go stock up on sheet masks again.
So many skincare products are $$ and i haven't really found a good reason to spend $100 on a cream yet.
wow, i never noticed Koreans being blunt. i could imagine you'd want to beat everyone who stares at you. was it a small poodle? i always think the smaller the dogs, the more evil they are, and barky.
I've been to the Lotte young plaza a few times, it's so difficult to shop there cuz there's too many people. probably because I went on a weekend too.
i have yet to go to the gangnam area, but i think i should have to take a peek now.
i haven't been to red mango yet, but i've seen from other bloggers in the US it's really popular. sadly there are many things that canada doesn't have. I know that this year in toronto we will be opening the first bath and body works. But of course everything will be jacked up like when Sephora opened. it's quite sad, the last time I drove down to buffalo, i had to sneak my makeup and skincare items through the customs. it's much cheaper in the states, especially with the taxes that I can save.
I'm definitely going to take a look at annalog's page, it seems quite interesting that she's teaching at a private school, I've heard private schools are hell for some ESL teachers.
i've only been to shinsegae once and i can't remember the station anymore, i just know it's in the namdaemun area.
I finally went to aritaum to get a new bottle of lotion and they gave me a lipgloss sample yay! i was sure olive young wasn't going to give me anything so i went to aritaum instead.
sometimes the whiteness of many korean girls here scare me. i think in Japan it's also quite a trend. I know in Hong kong it is. like who really wants to be pasty white when you can get a gorgeous glow of a tan?? lol
I've seen the snow radient blushers here I can't remember how much they were, but again, laneige makeup is too $$, i rather spend it on japanese makeup.
Laneige recently came out with a winter collection with 2 new e/s 2 l/g and a hightligher which has some coloured snow flakes in them. It seems kinda mehh...
I'm definitely going to check out the Incheon duty free, when you mentioned that there were japanese cosmetics there i almost wet myself. maybe the other lotte duty free also has jap cosmetics, but i didn't really take a look as my bf doesn't like to to makeup shopping with me hehe, but of cousre i have to drag him along. my bf is always saying to me "didn't we look at this already???" lol but i just HAVE to look at it again.
i'm kind of neglecting my MM liners, well actually i'm neglecting a lot of my makeup since i don't use e/s liners glosses when i'm teaching.
did you happen to have a homepage i could link you to?
i think you're lucky you just finished your visit here, it's getting so darn cold! i'm a strange canadian because i get cold easily...o_O
hope to see...or read soon!