Friday, November 7, 2008

Majolica Majorca: Artistic Nails/Nail Colour

Whoever loves makeup should also love nail polish. It just adds that extra bit of pop to whatever you're wearing. I've always loved to oogle the Japanese magazines with the gel/acrylic nails. They're so gorgeous! But of course working at Starbucks prevented me to getting them. I also don't take care of my hands very well. I did the hand painted acrylic nails once, but I broke one in a week, so I took the rest of them off. So sad.
As a result of me not taking care of my hands, it's not really suitable for me to get gel/acrylic nails. Instead, I have a slight obssession of nail polishes. Although I don't collect many of them, I do have a favourite. It's the Majolica Majorca Artistic Nails/Nail Colour.
These are darling little things. Just look at the bottles! At about $5 a pop for 5mL, it's kinda expensive for such a small bottle. But of course being a Japanese brand, this meant quality.
I love these nail polishes. They don't chip, they have buildable color and they're so nice and sparkly. Since you can build up the color, these are great to make a gradient effect, which I always do whenever I use these polishes.
The polishes stay put for I'd say, a week or so before starting to chip on the edges. I don't take care of my hands, otherwise they probably could last longer than that.
I use the PA topcoat after the MJ polishes. As I've said earlier, they are very sparkly, so there's tons of glitter in them. It tends to feel sandy if you don't put a top coat on. I belive all the nail polishes have glitter in them.
Another great thing about these polishes is they dry very quickly. I hate sitting around not being able to do anything while my nailpolish dries. So this is a major plus!

SV831 from the 2007 winter collection
OR203, PK401, GR102 are from the 2007 s/s collection. I don't quite understand why it's labelled as GR102 when it comes out more blue than green.
All are available on Adam Beauty, JPMon, or Ichibankao.

My usual gradient looks. I did a horrible job on the PK401 though. In order to get these looks, put a thin layer on the whole nail. Next from the middle of the nail, add another thin coat. Then add another thin coat on the area where you would paint to get that french manicure look. Finish with a top coat. Of course you would let it dry inbetween the coats first.


Bittenbefore said...

i dont have any nail polish from them XD should check it out

cellophanegirl said...

ooo i have a slight obsession with nail polish at the moment. i'll definitely pick one up if i see it at pacific mall. there's a beauty store on the 2nd floor that sells various korean and jap brands nail polish for $4 each. i recently purchased one from skinfood and integrate. they're lovely!

MiuMiu said...

Hey Cellophanegirl,
Are you talking about the 2 tiny makeup/skincare stores close to the food court?
Some of the items are marked up so much. I actually got all the MJ nailpolishes, except the silver, from pacific mall upstairs for $20. Kinda pricey.
But if they sell korean items, i might get sucked into buying it, since g-market is a bit hard to navigate and i dunno where else in toronto has korean makeup/skincare items for sale. i didn't know pacific mall had skinfood. but i'll def check it out once i come back to toronto.

angie519 said...

I've been wanting to try doing gradient nails! Gj! I don't really notice your mistake.

Wow those sheets look like they worked well! Your freckles are gone!

And your hair looks good teased up like that! Esp for photos with a white wall behind!

Yeah! It scares me and it feels weird! Well actually now I think I sprained my foot and that's why my toes have been numb. Walking has been slightly painful and uncomfortable for my foot. It feels tight and tense, and with each step I feel like something is being pulled/strained.. >.<. No idea what caused it, but I'm sure it has to do with my shoes and such.. Just keeping it wrapped for now. Thanks for caring! =)

Bittenbefore said...

hey !! yes please join!

yup palettes are one color , but we are judging on creativity too so dont use a 88 color palette XD!!

cellophanegirl said...

YES! The one that I go to is nearer to the food court (on the inner side). Yeah, a lot of the items are marked up but they have the best price and most variety compared to others. Also, they have a lot of products on 'special' so i just buy those hehe. I discovered the place about 3 weeks ago and I keep going back every week to hunt for more goodies! Oh, if you ask-they'll give you a 10% discount on regular priced items.

Here's all the stuff i bought so far:

skinfood nail polish $4
integrate nail polist $4
canmake dual sparkle color e/s $8
revue in essence primer $12
folding mascara comb $6
kate dual cheeks $6
aube lipstick $10
the face shop bb cream $26

They're having a sale so all nail polish is $4-i don't remember seeing any MJ ones tho-i could have missed them since im not sure what they look like.

They don't have anything else from skinfood except for the nail polishes. Other korean brands they carry are missha (bb cream), the face shop (bb cream & masks), & etude house (skin care). These are the only ones i know and remember :)

MiuMiu said...

Hey Cello,
I didnt know that store sold that many different items. Maybe I never noticed those things on sale or the store might not have been there haha...i usually go to pmall once in a blue moon...and only in and out.
did you have to pay tax for the items?
The canmake is def cheaper than here, it's marked up a lot more.
everything else seems like a pretty good price, so i'm gonna check that out one year haha
ooohhh..they have etude house too!? i think i know where i'm gonna get my stuff.
that kinda sucks that they only carry the nailpolish...perhaps they're willing to do a special order?

Anonymous said...

Have you tried some of the ranges over at the nails inc website?

I used to buy mine from the local market until one of my friends told me about this website.

So far its a thumbs up for quality, price and look.