Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hanskin: Caviar Gold BB Cream

Remember how I got a sample of the Caviar Gold BB cream from Hanskin? One pack is good for at least 5 uses and I've been using it in replacement of my Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream and I'm liking it.
The Caviar Gold BB Cream is actually geared to people with dry skin and I have oily combination skin. Lately my cheeks have been dry so my face hasn't been an oily mess from using the BB cream.
I'm sure the BB creams only come in one shade, but they work like magic! At first when I apply it, my face looks pale and it didn't seem to reduce any of the redness, but as it settles in, the color magically blends with my skintone and reduces the redness.

The sample I received has a slightly pink tone to it and I like how it blends with my skintone quite nicely. I use a patting motion to spread the BB cream, otherwise it makes my face flaky looking. The texture of the BB cream is similar to body lotions but probably a wee bit thicker. There's no detectable smell which is nice.
The BB cream is light-medium coverage, depending on how much you apply. I only apply a thin layer so it doesn't look to heavy on my skin.
I'm surprised at how it controls oil as well. My skin didn't appear as oily as if I was using the Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream and I think the Skinfood one is supposed to be good for oily skin.
I'm not too sure about the staying power. Since I apply only a light layer, I can't really tell how long it lasts.

Here's one of my 21 classes. These students drive me crazy, I wished the class numbers were smaller, it's quite difficult to control 35 students XD

I had to go to Outback to spoil myself. Tim got the rib and chicken combo. So cute how the chicken breast looks like a heart. The chicken breast was surprisingly juicy too.

I ordered a grilled chicken breast with bacon, cheddar, montery jack cheese and mushrooms with honey mustard dipping sauce. This is the BEST tasting chicken I've ever had, it was breast meat but it was soooo freaking juicy and tender!! Even the side veggies were so damn good, they were steamed and I thought it meant bland, but these veggies had butter melted all over it and they were deliciously soft. What a healthy dinner XD


fuzkittie said...

hehehe! Mmm I love me some steak!

This BB cream sounds like my cup of tea~~ Thick, pink tone, moisturizing and controls oil. It sounds very similar to L'egere.

Kimberly Tia said...

i need to find that bb cream!!! goodness, i got the hanskins bb cream but the glossy one, and wasn't too fond, but Im down to try one that has "caviar" attached to it's name - leave it to your post to catch the eye of Fuz and I immediately, we're bb obsessed!!!

thanks for sharing girl!!!

and that chicken breast is shaped like a heart!!! <3

Bittenbefore said...

you look realy good in purple
i looove hanskin bbcream

beeyoutiful7 said...

I love your shirt!

I dont think I'll be able to get that bbcream here unless I order it online..

anyways, thanks for sharing =)

yumeko said...

ah yah i was lucky to score that invite XD! too bad i just couldnt wake myself up enough to really get into it

its cold here but no snow yet
i think its colder in korea than tokyo?

nlng * star said...

i would like to try it too.. will order it after my pocket money bankrupt for awhile caz over spend..

u live in Korea??
enjoy~~ hehe..have a nice day
between, i like the super magic hanksin bb, really nice, my mom is happy with the result too. will get different types of nice bb cream to mom next time..


Bittenbefore said...

2 coats of nail polish + one coat top coat.

i only wear dark colors in winter and if i know i am not sewing etc for a while as they tend to leave marks on my cloth

its by opi called we'll always have paris.^^

btw have u heard of brtc bbcream? i think its another original brand of bbcream like hanskin. i seen it here in japan and thinking of trying it.

Bittenbefore said...

oh one more thing...the aube couture eyes are 3700yen or 3885yen after tax

- yumeko
your evil enabler. XD

angie519 said...

Holy cow that's expensive!!!

Hahah aww well I hope once in a while you'll spoil yourself, just a little bit =).

Well, I wanted to take a picture of what I'd browse, but it would be a bit creepy if I had someone's blog up instead of my own haha.

I do run out of things to say. And I get bored too haha.

I think I should try using more of the Osis powder. We'll see what happens =P. Hahha I can't read worth shit. I wish I could though. Hrm yeah the powder is pretty small, esp for $21. But I got it from Ebay for $15 or so with shipping.

OMG, he's using SO much in the video! I can imagine myself going through the entire bottle in like a month! Thanks for the video!! =)