Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Makeup Videos

Haha...no not my own videos, but videos of how-to's and tips from one of Taiwan's most famous magazine: FG magazine (Fashion Guide)
Check this out -----> FG Videos (everything is in Chinese and they speak Mandarin in the videos)
There's also a makeup book by one of FG's makeup gurus, his name is Kevin Zhou.

I WANT THESE BOOKS SO BADLY!!! It's got makeup tips and other sorts of goodness! Obviously not knowing enough Chinese, I really just want it for the picture tutorials XD
I saw it back in June. I was hoping my friend would be able to ask his friends to help me get it in Taiwan, I dunno what happened.
If you're interested go to this link to purchase it. It's 315 Taiwan dollars for the set after a 10% discount, you can do the conversion. I dunno anything about how to buy, shipping etc... The site is in Chinese, and again since I don't know enough, I have to wait till I go to Hong Kong and ask Tim's papa to help me order it XD

Look at all these goodies!!!! It's like heaven...almost. There's a few other books/magazines available by other FG makeup artists as well. If I figure out how to order this book, I'll let you all know XD


Bittenbefore said...

oh i watch tat show! i have friends that record it on dvd for me hahaha

i love the Kevin sensei!

i buy the magazines but dont own the books
i'll hunt those down when i go taiwan again next year


beeyoutiful7 said...


it made me wanna buy more goodies!!!


Kimberly Tia said...

wow first Im obesessed with Japanese magazines, now I have to on the look out for these too!!! GOSH!!!

thanks for sharing this though!!!

fuzkittie said...

I want this badly too! I want all the books of those makeup gurus from that Taiwanese show! Hahaha. I love FG videos~

Gwen said...

Are you interested to purchase my copy of his book? It's in good condition. I'm selling it because I'm planning to purchase another book by the makeup artist in this video http://video.fashionguide.com.tw/VideoD.asp?Num=249
She's my favourite!

I could also CP the books for you. I'm from Singapore by the way. Let me know :) My email address is denimsnob@gmail.com

angie519 said...

Wow that looks great! I hope you get your hands on the book!

Thanks for the link!

MiuMiu said...

Hey Beeyoutiful7,
I think all of these makeup blogs will cause our doom, our poor wallets must be crying XD

yumeko said...

hahaha pin pon buste?
isnt it enlargement cream?

i have seen it but i havent tried it
i uh...am doing ok in the chest area XD or rather i am happy with wat i got? XDheehee

yumeko said...

you should definetely try that nubra then! peach john has some [the 2 cup bra?]

actually a lot of peach john bras are super padded, so u'll need to buy some sizes up heehee

nlng * star said...

hmm,malaysia have sale this magazines too..
some of the items are available in malaysia,some I just have to ask someone supplier help me order directly from Taiwan..

I Love magazines about beauty and cosmetics :)

North Princess said...

Heard about this book long time ago, just can't find it in any asian stores where I live. Thanks for the link, I definitely will get it soon or later.