Saturday, December 20, 2008

Laneige: Balancing Emulsion 3

I thought Laneige only came out with 2 different emulsions, but I found out there's a #3 when I went to get a new bottle here.
So anyway, I'm on to my 3rd bottle of Laneige emulsion. The first one I used was for dry skin, which I mistakenly ordered on Sasa, I needed oily/combination skin, and it took a while for my skin to get used to the formula and to absorb it.

I don't understand why it's called emulsion, I think it's the same as other face lotions, maybe Laneige wants to be special??
I purchased this at Aritaum for 22000won. The last time I checked in Toronto, Pacific Mall sold it for about $30CAD. There is 120mL in this bottle and it lasts quite a while. I only use 1 pump and it is enough for my entire face and neck.
The emulsion is super liquidy with a very light watery texture. I like the fact that it feels so light, even though it takes my skin a while to fully absorb everything. Laneige uses a "water science" system in their products, which they called "Snow Water Science". It's supposed to provide skin with the necessary hydration.
I have been using Laneige for at least 2 years. I do get the occasional break outs each month, but that's because of hormone changes with the monthly visit.
Laneige is good, but then I want to look for something different. Sometimes the area around my nose will feel irritated due to the weather, nose peels, exfoliators etc etc and Laneige doesn't really help that much in moisturizing that area. Also, during the winter months, I usually have to use a bit more emulsion because it's not hydrating enough for me, especially around the mouth area.
To combat this dryness and irritation, I have used the Fancl line from May - October this year, and I think my skin does better than Laneige.
Fancl's products are made in a "germ free" lab and they also have probably 99% less preservatives and chemicals than other brands of skincare. However, Fancl skincare products all have a lifespan of 2 months. It actually takes me just under 2 months to finish all the products. You only need a small amount from each item and for about $17CAD for each item, I think it's quite worth it.
Although the Fancl lotions and milky lotions tend to leave a slightly sticky feeling, my face feels a lot more hydrated than using Laneige.
I don't really have a choice but to use Laneige at the moment because Fancl is not available in Korea. I'm a bit more wary of trying so many different products on my skin. My mom had shown me an article in the paper about parabens and I try to avoid it if I can. The amount of chemicals in some skincare products could be the reason why my face has reddness and irritation sometimes. I might as well stick for Laneige for now instead of experimenting too much.
I'll be getting into more detail about Fancl once I purchase the line again.

These are my babies!! My cats range from ages 4 - 18 or so. I know they're fat asses..same with my rabbit. My cats don't like to move around too much, especially because they've been neutered/ kinda takes the active life outta animals hahaha. The biggest ass you see in the middle of the picture is Toby, who passed away a few months ago. I didn't really have an updated picture of all my cats together other than this one.
My bunny is a birthday present from Tim. Her name is Moemoe and I think she has triple chins, she's a very lazy bunny. We orginally had another bunny but we didn't realize that it had a growth on his lung and he didn't survive through the surgury. The petstore gave us another bunny in replacement of the first one.


Yumeko said...

sweetie let me know if u need fancl, i can send u some! actually u should try orbis cos its natural like fancl , will send u some samples
did i send u dhc samples? they are scientific as well XD

omg your cats are sooo cute!
and this bunny moemoe is sooo cute too looks so snuggly!

ning * star said...

u have many pets there... there looks cute and adorable but i'm too afraid to touch them >.<

u can try some skincare special for sensitive skin..u can try some skincare from the skin food store,so far i think the skin food skincare line make a good treat for my skin..
check out from the store ya..

happy weekends ^ ^

M said...

your babies are tooo adorable. i want a bunny too! your bunny is so fuzzyyy, i'm trying to touch it on my computer screen :P

Iyah said...

I'm new to laneige and my skin is loving it :) Its just too expensive. What I'm using right now are samples. ahaha! and cute pets! awww!

Caroline said...

ah it's so lovely to see a cat sanctuary :) unfortunately my parents hate pets .. so i'll need to invest in a kitten when i have my own home!

i'm sorry about toby, he/she is quite a large cat hahah. and moemoe's adorable, i want to pinch its "triple chins" as you put it!

and i know this probably wasn't meant to be funny but the concise and almost apathetic way you described your first bunny's death was amusing. :)

paperdollrevenge said...

Ohh what did the article say about parabens? Was it recent?

I'm a paraben snob/hypocrite...I try to avoid them, but if I have a product I like that has one or two, I still use it! But I wish everything was paraben-free.

Your cats are cute but your bunny is definitely the cutest! Aww.

vyy said...

Is Fancl sold in toronto?

xoladiihoneyxo said...

So glad I found your blog =] Thanks for this!