Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Milk Mania!!!!

I threw out the last little bit of my Laneige pore clear cleansing foam because it started to irritate my skin. I think the wee little scrubbers were too much for my dry cheeks, especially because it's starting to get dry outside.
I purchased the Skinfood Mlik Mania Cleansing Foam for 5300won(?) for 150mL. The tube is an ugly gray color but the sticker has a really cute cow picture on it. I think that's why I ended up buying it XD Plus I like foaming face cleansers, it's more fun that way.

I mix a bit of water with a nickel sized amount of cleanser, this creates enough foam to give my face a super lather.
The color is white with a pearly shine to it ooooh! I love the smell!!!!! It's like sweet milky candy mixed with a hint of coconut. This is a great cleanser so far. It doesn't leave a super squeaky feeling which I like. My skin feels cleansed and smooth but not tight. I likie, especially because it's so cheap. There's not much more to talk about it haha, so just imagine the smell of delicious milky coconut candy goodness.

One of my dinners on the weekend consisted of wings. This bar was apparently opened by Canadians so I would assume they knew how to make yummy N.American wrong I was...

The wings were fried up well, but the sauce was EEEWWWW. The BBQ wings were dunked into luke warm oyster sauce (ho yau) texture crap that tasted a thickened sour worcestershire sauce. The "creamy cool" flavour was just...sour and super spicy. Not very tasty at all and they cost 800won each.

The nastiest poutine I've ever had. The fries were soggy and there was very little cheese. The gravey was something interesting. It tasted like thickened instant noodle soup packets.
Safe to say I'm never going to that bar again.


Anonymous said...

the cow is very cute indeed.. sigh,I'm combination skin type so can't use this >.<
might draw the cow for myself ,perhaps...haha ^ ^

Hmm,korean food is quite yummy I guess..try the Korean bbq meat..the meat mix with Kim chi is just perfect meal..

nice meal ^ ^


Yumeko said...

you make me wonder how it smeels like heeheeee

ur man must love it heeheehee TMI?

fuzkittie said...

LOL @ yummy N. American food... how come I never find American food yummy? That's hilarious you want to eat American food when you're in Korea... it's too bad you don't like spicy food! I'd be eating Kimchi all day long, hahaha.

I always find anything that has anything to do with "pore cleansing" too drying.. guess they're more suitable for oily skin.

nlng * star said...

hi miumiu,is me again,nlng*star.

I just browse through the skin food website,but is version of taiwan.

I think,this might help u since you mentioned that the weather turn cold and you are more prone to dry skin type.. hope this will help .

oh,and another,the Innisfree Olive Real series is quite nice for dry skin type too. Perhaps u can give it a try.

enjoy ya ^ ^

angie519 said...

EEEk that doesn't sound very good. I'm sorry you were disappointed!!

Coconut-y?! That sounds great!

acutelife said...

hii,thx for droppin by ^^ yeah, I own a nail bar. I can do 3d acrylic design ^^ and nail art like those you saw in my prev blog (pretty much everything bcoz I have to train my staff myself, nail art is not yet a common thing here). but those two designs, I got my staff to do it for me coz If I do it myself I'll get trouble trying to paint my right hand lolz.

omigosh! You live in one of the best make up heavens!! (beside japan n usa) I'd loooove to go to korea and stock up on their cosmetics :) and the foods too! lolz. how long have you been there?
mind if I tag you?

miemiemie said...

ooh my sister has this skinfood milk cleansing thing..the one in the pump bottle to remove makeup i believe..which sucks coz it can't remove waterproof mascara haha