Friday, December 26, 2008

Skinfood: Bordeaux Mask Sheet

I hope everyone is having a great holiday! I'm so glad it's almost the new year, that means it's 1 step closer to HK!!
Anywho, aside from using the Skinfood Snow Tea mask sheets, I've started to use the Bordeaux ones as well. I use a mask every 1-2 days and I just alternate between them.
Surprisingly, the Skinfood closest to me does not sell the Bordeaux mask sheets. I'm not sure why. Maybe because the store is smaller?
You know how the media always tells us to use more anti-oxidant stuff and eat more berries and such? Well there's a sheet mask for your face!

According to the package:
Grape seed extract from red grapes contains powerful anti-oxidants that help fight skin damaged by sun and pollution. The combination of grape seed oil and grape seed extract helps boost the skin's moisture levels, making skin feel soft, supple and smooth.

So far I've used this for about a month and haven't noticed a dramatic change like the Snow Tea mask sheets. I like how it contains anti-oxidants because I don't think I consume enough on a day to day basis, and of course it's good to let my face soak it in.
My face feels refreshed after using the mask. I only leave it on for 15 minutes.
These sheets cost 1500won each and there is 0.6oz of essence in it.
I like how Skinfood's sheet masks are thin enough so it doesn't feel like there's a heavy sheet on my face.
I like the smell, more than the Snow Tea ones. The Bordeaux mask sheet smells quite strong, especially when you first put it on your face. It smells like grapes with a hint of wine, which I don't mind, and it fades a bit as it's sitting on your face.

Did I mention that Baskin Robbins in Korea has the cutest ice cream cakes??? They are totally not worth the price tag because it doesn't taste as good as it looks. I think BR just used cheaper ice cream for this.
It comes in a styro-foam box and they put dry ice inside in case you need to travel far from the store. Of course I have to keep the box XD

Isn't this gorgeous? It's called the Dream House cake and it cost me 24000won. The top is made with cherry ice cream and the bottom is vanilla with tiny chocolate cookie pieces in it. The vanilla flavour is very bland. The cookie decorations and penguins didn't taste very good. It's all for the looks XD This will take me a while to finish, it's almost the size of my head haha and it's all ice cream.
Maybe I should try another flavour next time. There are many other cute cakes at BR. I've also had their ice cream fondue, but I don't have pictures. Hopefully, I'll eat it again and show everyone =D


acutelife said...

thats a very cute cake!!too bad the taste is not comparable to the look ;P
I didnt buy anything except food, coz I went to a small city in west java (it's where my parents came from) to see my granny n relatives there...all i did is eat eat eat.. is your christmas??I hope you had a wonderful one, and enjoy your HK trip millie!!

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

so cute!!!! but too bad it doesnt taste as good T-T

that mask seems cool

Kimberly Tia said...

how adorable!!!!!
just love that cake -- and I keep seeing more and more blogs reviewing SKINFOOD items, and I think I just need to give in and get me more, so far I've only tried the Mushroom BB cream and I love it.. but I def. want to try the Peach Sake Serum, and some of the yummy food masks...

keep the reviews coming, it helps me decide what i SHOULD and SHOULD NOT get!!


ning * star said...

i like the just so sweet and cute..I will not eat them,i will feel very bad oh if i ate those cuties...

the snow tea mask sheet really works on reduce freckles?? I wanna try them soon. The bordeaux mask sheet seems to be nice and yummy.I like grape ^ ^

hope to see more review from you about skinfood items too~*

Have a nice day~*

beeyoutiful7 said...


That is the cutest cake i've ever seen!!! sigh*.. that is why I need to be in Korea again !!!


Enjoy ur weekend hun xox

Iyah said...

Ohhh! The cake looks good! YUM YUM!! :) I never tried any skinfood products! I heard so much about them but I dunno where to get it. :)

M said...

why is it that everything in asia is automatically 50 times cuter?! that little cake looks too cute to eat! i hope you find a better flavor next time!

angie519 said...

That mask sounds awesome! I've been really into antioxidants lately!

Wow that cake is so well decorated! The BR cakes here pale in comparison (in appearance anyway).

M said...

I'm not going to time square, i can't handle the havoc, people/crowd, the wait and its usually freezing :P i did it one year, actually the party was at a place around times sq and lost my purse in the crowd =X

how's your weekend?