Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mid-Week Boringness

I feel like I have nothing much to bring you this week. I haven't really been buying anything new. I have a budget each week and that's 150000-200000won a week. I already spent a good deal of that money on the Pin Bon Buste, the Detocrush and some other miscellaneous items. So today I bring you something I've been meaning to review for a while already later in the post.

When I first came to Seoul, I was required to do a physical check to get my health insurance and alien registration card. Last week the school nurse told me I had to do another physical check or else I will get fined..WTF... My VP said it was "Korean custom" to do the check every 2 years if I'm a public officer, which I'm sure I'm not. He uses that excuse a lot on me. "Korean custom...Canada custom..traditional.." and more shit of the like.
Long story short, the clinic I went to looked sooo unsanitary. I had to use a used robe for my x-ray, a PAPER cup to pee in. The nurse was holding the needle on the cap with her teeth and she gave me a tiny bruise from the blood test!! I was bleeding a lot after the blood test. The nurse didn't bother to get a new cotton pad, she just folded the one I was holding on my arm and taped it on. Of course I peeled it off and put on one of these suckers I brought with me...

...and they hurt like a mofo when it's time to take it off. Never use these on your arms...
Anyway, on to my outdated reviews of a couple products.
I only own 1 highlighter powder and it's the T'estimo Pure Layer Blush in WT-04 (hmm...same colour code as the Coffret D'or Star Dazzling liner haha). I got this a year ago for about $25CAD.

This is a really purdy loose highlighting powder. It's super silky and spreads like a dream without making you look like you just dunked your face into a bag of glitter. The powder is white but it does not make your face or other body parts look white. Oh how I love. I use this to highlight the apples of my cheeks after applying blush, but I hardly use it because I always forget I have it. I also use this under my eyes and under the brow when I'm only using eyeliner, it gives that extra bit of sparkle when you don't want to overload your eyes with makeup.
The case is plastic and it comes with a brush (the lid isn't made very well, it gets loose easily). The hairs on the brush are soft enough to feel pleasant on your face, it is also very dense so it can pick up the powder easily. The size of the brush is also big enough to quickly highlight the apples or around your eyes in one application.
There is a half sifter and a plastic cover to separate the brush from touching the powder which I think is great at keeping the powder from flying everywhere.
This lasts pretty long, by the end of the day I still notice that little bit of shimmer, although most of it has faded away. If it's a hot humid day, it'll be off in a few hours, especially because I need to blot my face. I swear sometimes I have enough oil on my face to fry an egg in the summer. (I have a sample of the Skinfood Peach Sake serum, and it's really good at reducing the oil, but I'm sure it's doing something bad to my pores as well)
Sadly, this product is not readily available everywhere since T'estimo has been discontinued. On Adam Beauty, only the PK-20 color is left, but I'm sure if you scrounge around you'll be able to pick up this little gem. It's a collectors item because it has been discontinued! Ah! I feel so honored to have it in my hands XD

See the pretty shimmer!? I normally don't use that much on my face haha, I would look quite silly if I did.
Next up on my list, the Mentholatum Sunplay Skincare UV Mild Milk, with SPF 24 (80g).

I can't remember how much I got this for. I went to the Sasa store and grabbed whatever sunscreen I could find because I was going swimming that day, which was a big mistake. This thing isn't waterproof!!!!! My face felt slimy after dunking my head into the water.
The good thing about this sunscreen is it's very light! It's very liquidy, hence the name mild milk. It's great for your face because it does not leave a heavy sticky residue feeling, there's no scent and it absorbs quickly.
I've been a naughty girl. I don't use sunscreen religiously, not until I came to Korea so now I use this prior to putting on my makeup. Well, actually after purchasing BB creams, I've stopped using it because the BB cream has sun protection already. I know I shouldn't be that lazy..but... I am...and I know I'll pay for my lazyness one day.
Ugghh....ok I will use it starting tomorrow..

Remind you of anything??? Milky sunscreen of course!! Can you picture how liquidy it is.


ning * star said...

ohh..poor miumiu...
sometimes,inexperience nurse will cause such trouble to us.. my mom also encountered this problem. Whole arm turn into blue black after the blood test...sad sad...

yaya... i've copy a link about japanese boobs enhancer... maybe u can have some reference on the product

wish u have a cheerful life in Seoul ^ ^

Best regards,

fuzkittie said...

Hahaha, you're so funny when you wrote that last bit about how you should use sunscreen but you stopped when you use BB Cream but you will use it again tomorrow.. Haha. It's like you wrote out the battling thoughts in your mind. Hehe.

yumeko said...

dude dont get me get started about medical checkups XD i dont like the ones here either, i'll write about it for you one day

swapwise, we pretty much write a wishlist and swap the same amount of $$. not sure about others, i generally send extra things [like u can see with some swaps i do, i end up sending more extras than the original things XD! ahhahaha i go overboard even when shopping for others]

fuzkittie said...

Yes there is whitening sunscreen and I've been using it for 7 years! Haha. The DiowSnow uv base I always talk about whitens and has SPF50!

angie519 said...

Hahha omgoodness! Be careful! It would be so sad to knock that down!

Hahha he probably would! But it would be fun.. for curiosity's sake!

I'm doing okay.. I've had to go to work, driving is a pain. And it just keeps on coming down! We're getting heavy snowfall on Sunday too!

M said...

I love that little brush in the highlighter powder, its so cute looking!

i'd love to hear more about your teaching experience in korea! i've always wanted to do something like that but never had the guts to leave the country long term.

Yas said...

OMG you poor thing! I can't believe that you had to go through such a harrowing experience. A cup? Oh hun. Sending you some holiday cheer!