Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Etude House: Smile Cheek Pearls

GOOD NEWS!!!!! Sasa is starting to sell some Skinfood items including the Aloe Sun BB Cream. They sell it for about $12USD and $19CAD..damn dollar!!!! Anyway, do take a look, they have quite a collection of the wash off packs for sale!

It seems like it's been a while since I visited my local Etude House. I didn't even know they came out with a new collection until I read it on Lotus Palace's page and the Muse's page. The collection is called "I Can't Stop Smiling". I had to take a look myself because the items were so cute!
The new makeup items were cute indeed, but I didn't think they were worth it. The lippies and the mini mix pack set thing were so tiny!!!! I got the Smile Cheeck Pearls instead for 15000won.
Just for purchasing this one blusher/highlighter, I got all these freebies!

The Smile Cheek Pearls are supposed to be a blush. The box says it's a "baked multi-colored blush pearls. It contains pink, violet, green, beige and white pearls for blushed cheeks that smile".
The pearls come in a box similar to the Benefit blushers and it also comes with a puff that has feathers and a bow on it. The box is made of cardboard and is quite sturdy.

I believe this is more of a highlighter than a blush because it is super sheer. There is a faint floral smell which I think is Etude House's signature scent. I can't quite describe it but it smells pleasant.
This morning I tried to use it as a blush and my cheeks came out overly shimmery! Well actually it was more like a pink pearly sheen. I had to rub it off and put my regular blush on first then swipe on the Smile Cheek Pearls.
The color is sheer as I mentioned, however, in different lighting and angles, you can see a very pearly pink sheen which I thought was quite nice. I had to do about 3-4 swipes to get enough pink color and shimmer on my cheeks.

I couldn't get a decent swat on my arm so I just rubbed it off with cotton. You can notice a bit of orange blended in with the pink. The beige pearls are actually orange, but your face will not appear orange at all.
The lasting power isn't that great. At the end of an 8 hour day, most of it had also came off. Mind you, I usually sit around doing nothing at school so my face doesn't have a chance to absorb all the nasties of the environment and produce excess oils.
I mentioned the rest of the items in the collection were quite small so I didn't purchase them, but here they are in all their glory.

A lip tint. The SA told me that they come in cherry and orange color. I can't remember the exact price, but it was around 6000won each.

This is the mini pack that I mentioned. It contains a lipbalm, silver highlighter/shadow, perfume cake and a cream blusher. These jars were about an inch in diameter and the set cost 11000won, haha not worth it imo.

And the lipglosses. I liked the pink one but the other 2 were just..blah. This set cost 10000won.
Anyway, I hope everyone has a happy new year! I'll be going to watch Bolt. It FINALLY came out in Seoul XD
Here are a couple pics from December 2008 Vivi for your enjoyment =)


beeyoutiful7 said...

I love their packaging ! It's soo girly and cute lol ~
I love that blush and the name of it ! "I can't stop smiling" heheh
I wish they had the store here in the US.

Maybe you should put up a picture of you with those makeup on =)

Happy New Year!

acutelife said...

that's a really generous freebies!!! we have etude here too but I dont think the new i cant stop smiling series have arrived. btw,how do you manage to understand what the SA told you abt the lip tint??do you speak korean at all???

Caramelmacchiatoplease =) said...

ooooh. i love how Korean beauty stores are so generous with their freebies! When my korean student went shopping here, at yes--skinfood, she was like wtf where's the rest of my freebies! HAHA so stingy in this country. LOL
thanks for scans of the magazine, i so want a perm now!

Kimberly Tia said...

How cuuuuute is that line: "I can't stop smiling" ahahhahaha -- I honestly can't!

You're so lucky that Skinfood is such a common place - I really need to grab some for myself somehow or get my hands on some of their samples before I spend half my bank acct on ebay --
Would you mind rounding up some samples for me, and potentially doing a swap?!?!?


and btw I'm coming to Toronto in January!! =]

birkinbagbeauty said...

yay for Sasa.com for listing skinfood. I already ordered a bunch of their masks yesterday :D

I love the pearls from Etude, mine arrived today as well...so cute.

Kylie said...

the blush pearls look so pretty! too bad they were too shimmery :(

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i've been curious about this range myself! thanks for the review

i told myself no more korean makeup till i go there and haul in march XD

miemiemie said...

wow! i love this post! thanks for the scans! and those pearls are so cute! how do you use it for your cheeks? with the puff? hmm..the packaging is definitely cute..wow, i wish my country would produce stuff like those..:( happy new year!

Anonymous said...

May i know where you get those products images of "I cant stop smiling" from?

They look do tempting...

Anonymous said...

May i know where you get those products images of "I cant stop smiling" from?

They look do tempting...

Anonymous said...

sorry for the double post =p

M said...

you got a lash curler as a freebie? that rocks! does it work well?

ohh they're all so cute...

thanks for the scans!

I like the MUFE liner, i actually had the old crayon one and like that better than the aqua liner. :P

Happy happy happppy new year to you!

blahsayblah said...

Hmmm..you must try the "I can't stop smiling" blush, and then take a pic, and then show us!

paperdollrevenge said...

I love the name! Super cute! But I'm so glad that you told us they are small, 'cause I never can tell with pictures of Asian products, I usually assume they're the same size as most American/European products.

I have medium skin! It's a pain, it's like being Goldilocks 'cause some products are too light and some are too dark, I need one just right, hehe.

I wish I could give you half of my hair! Don't be jealous...I have too much hair, it takes me so long to curl it all and it's hard for me to rock a haircut that's higher than my bra line. My kid arms used to get tired trying to tie it all up! lol

I hope you have a wonderful new year too! =)

ning * star said...

oh...these are just so cute ^ ^
well..tomorrow I will be back to my rental house.If possible i will do review on kiwi yogurt mask.. haha

I like the lip gloss very much..planning to buy it...but deeply think twice..dont really know whether I will use it or not.I'm not a makeup lover,but i do like to collect

hehe...like this blog so much ^ ^

janniedoll77 said...

the blush packaging is so adorable. plus, i love how it's in the form of colorful dots.

it's fun reading your blog, btw. i especially enjoy reading your makeup reviews and your teaching and shopping adventures in korea. take care and happy new year. :)

dendy said...

All those freebies for just purchasing one blush?! =O! We're getting ripped off here in North America for our make-up. I'll store up some money for some make-up. =D

It's ironic that I was also thinking of teaching English as a job in Korea. >.< But after reading about your experiences... I'm having doubts but at the same time what else is available for a job?

MiuMiu said...

Hi Anon,
Thanks for the comment!
They are quite tempting but it's just sad how small they are =/
I got the images from the Etude House website. You can search it up on Google..."Etude House Shop"
Happy New Year!

MiuMiu said...

Hi Dendy,
It's quite crazy how many freebies the makeup/skincare stores give you, especially if they know you're a foreigner haha. But 1-2 stores have been kinda skimpy XD
I know! N.America sucks with the free stuff, like Sephora you have to buy $100 before getting a sample!?? haha
I think the teaching experience here varies, I think I got the bad end of the deal XD
As for other jobs, I'm not too sure, you'd probably have to serach it up online but teaching is the big one here for those who have no experience and such

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

I wish Etude was more easily available online! I don't really want to go through Gmarket. Those pearls look really cute! I really should save up for a trip to Korea & Japan!

Fei said...

AH! Looking at your blog, I'm reminded of BB creams, but that's why I specified a no shadow ban. lol. I did end up buying a Dior palette, Night Dust, BEFORE '09. ;)

Caramelmacchiatoplease =) said...

haha yeah, birds can get annoying. i have like 5 different types right now and it's annoying as hell when you're trying to study! when i'm not studying, i love them =D
Happy New Year to you too! =)

fuzkittie said...

Soooo cute!! I love hte different colored balls of pearly shimmer!! :D