Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hanskin: Super Magic BB Cream

I finally finished my Caviar BB Cream. That tiny little packet actually lasted 5-8 uses because I don't put on a heavy layer. Now on to the Super Magic BB Cream.
I got a 30g tube which will probably last me forever because I use very little BB cream each time.
The features of this BB cream are whitening, wrinkle care, heavier coverage and sun protection. This formula is made for those with normal to dry skin. I'd imagine this would work well for the dry winter months.

I think all Hanskin BB creams come in one shade, I haven't found out if they offer other shades yet. The shade of this bb cream has some pink undertones to it. This is more liquidy that the caviar bb cream I used.
Once I finish blending it, my face is noticeably paler than usual and it takes a few minutes before it fully blends with my skintone, this is the same with the caviar bb cream.
I don't often put foundation/bb cream on my whole face, only on areas that I think needs some coverage and only in small amounts which is why I don't often notice how well the makeup stays on.

I don't really like the Super Magic BB Cream because blending it is such a pain in the ass. My face actually looks dry as I'm putting it on. The caviar bb cream blends more easily on my skin without noticeable dryness. Another thing with the Super Magic BB Cream is the fact that it feels a bit icky and my face was a bit more oily later in the afternoon.
Oh well, at least I know the Caviar Gold BB Cream works well for me XD
I leave you with some Vivi December 2008 scans. Some ideas for pretty winter/holiday makeup! So preeeettty!

photo source from fans.com.cn


Iyah said...

I tried the Caviar BB cream at Amore store and actually liked it :) I might get it or the L'egere one :D

Yumeko said...

i have been curious abt this as i use hanskin total cream and not super hanskin bbcream

was wondering if it was more..super hahah

i will try the caviar one i think

Anne @ yummiebitez.com said...

oooooh thanks for the magazine scan! Why can't American magazines be as cool as Asian magazines.

I think I'm the only person left who hasn't tried bb cream yet. I can never find them anywhere here in the States that's why.

paperdollrevenge said...

BB cream and waffles? Yum!

Ohhh December ViVi...I saw it at the bookstore but didn't get it, thanks for the scans!

fuzkittie said...

Yea I don't get how some BB creams leave the face feeling incredibly great, yet others are just nasty.. hahaha. You'd think they tried it themselves before selling that shit!

That model's perfect features doesn't even need no makeup, pffft, *mad* Hahaha. She doesn't look Asian either.

angie519 said...

Thanks! I'm trying to figure out which Hanskin BB cream to try next! There are too many >.<

Haha yeah. I'm pretty sure this was a movie and I've seen meteor garden haha. My sister was obsessed with it!

M said...

so many BB creams so little time! thanks for the scans!

Anne @ yummiebitez.com said...

man I need to jump on that BB cream wagon. but there's sooo many I don't know where to start first, and it's not readily available hence why we need a Sasa here in the states!! HAHAHA. see what I mean haha.

Trust me I can't pull off red lippie, at least wearing outside of my room. It's still too bold for me. I only usually wear it when I do looks for contests. hahahaha. Thank goodness for NYX dollar lippies. haha.

OompaWoompaGirl said...

Hi, About this L'Egere BB cream..How come I can't find it in Seoul waaa! Do you have any idea please please help me, where to get it here in Seoul. Thanks so much!

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