Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Makeshift Vanity and the Weekend

I hope everyone's having a great weekend! I hear there's a lot of snow in a lot of your areas. Not here! I hate to brag, but....I generally see sunshine and clear skies with crisp cool air and light wind XD hahahahaha! But I do miss the snow, it's just not Christmas without it.
Without furthur ado, I bring you my latest find!
I went to Kosney again, and I want to buy the whole store!! I'm not too sure if they ship internationally because I can't read Korean, but if you are looking for cute stationary, I'm sure you'll be able to find it on G-Market.
A few months ago, I saw this box organizer at Kosney. I thought it was the cutest thing, but I didn't get it because I was thinking of getting it just before I go back to Toronto. I gave in and I had to get it because my makeup drawer is such a mess.

It's called DIY boxes. I got it for 10000won and they're quite stury for cardboard boxes. You can organize them in anyway you like. The best part, the boxes in the back fit sheet masks perfectly!

My stash is very small compared to a lot of bloggers. I didn't bring everything with me, but Tim still think I have too much with me.

So my makeshift vanity on the table that's sitting on the shelf. I have the P&J tray from Cuttibebe with all my samples and bits and bobs on the side. But since I'm such a disorganized person, the items will soon shift around in no time.
On Saturday, it was my first attempt at Korean food. I only eat Korean food at school and western food for dinner and such. It was an interesting experience. Tim was trying to read the Korean, but of course we didn't understand what it said anyway, THENN the waitress gave us an English menu and we ordered what looked good. Little did I know it was SPICY!!!!!!
The dish was braised chicken and seafood with jap chae (clear noodles) noodles on the bottom that soaked up all the sauce. The flavour was quite good but the chillies were the things that brought me down. I can't stand spicy food. I don't even know how I managed to go through this with Tim because he's not a big spicy food eater either. By the end, my tongue felt like it was on fire, you know when you burn your tongue with a hot liquid? Ya, horrible. Thank goodness it wasn't the type of spicyness that lingers. I think I ended up drinking 10 cups of water.
25000won for 2 people isn't too bad for such a big dish!

My attempt to get my bangs cut (without speaking Korean) came out..not the way I wanted. I wanted "shredded" bangs but the guy cut it, well, Korean style haha. I cut my bangs once a year anyway so it's no biggy for me If any of you ever come to Korea, go to Juno hair. It's 25000won for cut and wash (at least $10 cheaper than what I usually get in Toronto) and the service was awesome!
AAAAAHHH!!! Mister Donut!! This is the second time I visited it because the donuts are quite pricey. The chocolate one you see there cost 1500won and the hot chocolate was 3000won @__@ Very tasty and cute though.

Being the crazy person I am sometimes, I had to ask for their bag, it was way too cute.

Yumeko! Mister Donut does the points thing here too. For some reason they didn't have the system set up properly yet so I didn't sign up for the membership.
For those of you who don't know, there's some membership thing where you can earn points to get Mister Donut merchandise. I wish I could just purchase the stuff. I wonder how many donuts I'd have to eat before I could get that lion?


Yumeko said...

i think its something scary like 300o donuts for the largest lion
i think the one in ur pic is the smallest lion. will check how many donuts u need XD

u look do cute with bangs! did u plait ur eye too?

i looove korean food!!

funny u mention kosney! i bought a a few things from them via gmarket a few days ago

ning * star said...

hi mimiu..the lion donuts...if i bought those cute donuts...i dun think i will eat it...i will feel so bad if i ate them xD

your meal served in a super big plate with lots of seafood...nice?

i miss donuts so much... left 2 weeks more then my new semester will start...i will ask my bf treat me donuts...haha.but malaysia always and never have cute donuts...sigh~ ~

hehe...i love the donuts most in this post...haha ^ ^

acutelife said...

HIII miuuu...I just got back from out of town, sorry for the late replies. LOVE your bangs u look super cute :D when I was in thailand I found alot of mister donut franchise there too, but I never tried them coz I dislike the smell (thou the donuts look cute).
well, my make up stash is way smaller than yours so dont worry lolz.
I made custom nails design, so I paint the plain fake nails and decorated them n everything. usually it's pre-ordered.
btw, in korea u should try dokbukgi, a spicy rice cake lolz Im a spicy food lover and that's my fave korean food (never been to korea thou). ur real name miu?u can call me hana ^^

angie519 said...

Haha yeah animals are fun to watch!

Isn't she?! She's a god send!

Oh I agree! When I have dried skin under my nails I tend to peel it and I regret it once I get a cut. They hurt like hell!!

Hahha yeah my doggies like to say "mommy, wtf?!" all the time haha.

M said...

miu dear those boxes are really cute! so girly too. loves it.

the food looks delicious. i love korean food. mmmhhh some kimchee chigae would be great right about now :P

ok mister donut is adorable, why can't dunkin donut do something cool like that!>

M said...

ohhh i'm the opposite, spicy food = love

happy holidays sweetie! breaks are the best!

that's actually my cooking blog that i never update lol so i just turned it off haha. what's your email? i'll send u a invite

Iyah said...

I'm adding you to my growing blog roll :)

Thanks for your comment. Yours is cute too! :) I love your bangs! :) Ohhhh mister donuts! Yum! :)

paperdollrevenge said...

You look tiny to me! hehe I meet a lot of girls who are smaller or thinner than I am, but I think it's a good thing to be happy with one's weight.

Your makeshift vanity is very cute! Though I'm really looking at the goodies it's holding, hehe.

How long have you been teaching English in Korea?

Your blog has so many goodies on it, I will have to come back again to read through your old posts! =)

And thank you! Happy holidays to you too! Are you spending it in Toronto or somewhere else?

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

The bangs look nice on you though! I went to a Korean salon this weekend and was disappointed with the results. They just cut my bangs straight across, I guess thats what you mean by Korean style?

At least in Korea you'll get to indulge in a lot of Korean skincare & bb creams! You can always get Nars and other Sephora stuff anytime...:)

Yume-chan said...

i want to say plait ur HAIR haha but it came out eye hahah

plait is pigtails i guess?

that rement house i had a long time but i was too lazy to put together till recently

Kaman said...

Hi, I'm Kaman and I discovered your blog through Fuz's site. Very cute stuff! I love Mister DOnut. I also loveeeee the way you organized your makeup. Those boxes are so cute!

blahsayblah said...

-sigh- that food looks soooooooooo delish. I loves me some spicy food, haha. MMMM those donuts look good..that lion is cute!