Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not So Good Hair Products

I feel like I've been so bad at comments and catching up on blogs, but tomorrow 3/5 classes cancelled so I have plenty of time!!!
Hair products are probably the most annoying thing for me. A lot of the products I've tried are hit or miss. Maybe I should invest in some better products instead of the drugstore brands XD
The one product I trust is the Schwarzkopf hair spray, but I ran out!!!! I highly doubt that Korea sells it. Most of the hair products are Korean, Dove, Vidal Sasson and they carry very few Japanese items.
When I ran out of the usual hairspray, I went and purchased the Gatsby Super Hard spray for about 8000won. It's a lot cheaper than the Schwarzkopf spray I use, which is $18CAD.
I don't really like the Gatsby hairspray. It does not last long enough. My hair falls flat in a matter of hours.
It also smells really bad. There's no fragrance in the product and all you can smell is chemical.
The spray comes out in a very fine mist and it's difficult to get enough to set my hair.
Oh well, I can't say it's money wasted as Tim uses some too, so that means I can try the Ma Cherie Platinum spray sooner!

The second hair product is the Skinfood Apple Mango Volume Essence. I think I got it for about 4500won and there is 100mL.
I don't really like the smell of this either. Imagine apple and mango juice mixed with vinegar.
The product also doesn't do much. I don't see a difference at all after I blow dry my hair. *sigh* It feels more like a hair conditioner because my hair feels slightly softer.
I like this Lunasol video, although it's from the 2008 summer collection. You can't really see the colours well, but if you understand Cantonese, they give a pretty good tutorial.

In other non-makeup related news, I found out I have one of the crappiest work schedule EVER. I'm one of the few teachers who are kinda neglected or feel like they're hated by the school. I have to be there from 8:30am-4:30 every single f-ing day except Christmas. I'm basically owned by the school since signing the contract. It's ridiculous how I have to be there when it's only going to be the janitors and maybe 1-2 teachers. There are no classes so I'll be sitting on my ass the whole day doing nothing. I thought I'd at least get a few days off.
The school isn't even going to serve lunch so I hope Tim will be bringing me food. It's like things can't get any worse already...
Oh right it did...a few days ago the lightbulb in the washroom literally exploded. Good thing it was still inside the glass cover. The landlord told me and Tim it was our problem, so wtf is that 70000won maintanence fee doing??? After much complaining, the landlord finally helped us get the metal piece out and replaced the lightbulb.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, YAY!! Tim and I are going to Outback and pigging out then we're gonna eat a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake. I must show you pictures when I get it tomorrow, the cakes are SO cute.

Happy Holidays!!


Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

gahhh boo to crappy work hours!! i have to work everyday and this weekend [12 f--ing hours everyday too]

i got ur email,replying to it tomorrow

hair wise, i like lux hair repair essence, is it sold there?

ning * star said...

oh...it seems that life in Korea really stuff...

how many years u need to be there?Do u have holiday to back to Canada visit your parents?

I know nothing about hair spray...I don't like to put things on my hair..haha..

I do wish u have a wonderful life in Korea..Christmas coming... Cheer up ^ ^...Merry Christmas ~*

aichaku-愛着 said...

i hope you get a chance to at least rest a bit on christmas day. it sucks that you have to be in school even though there's nothing going on there!!! i'm glad i read your blog -- it makes me think again, i almost signed up to teach in korea too, from your experience. :(

Iyah said...

8-4:30pm is okay dear :) my work schedule tomorrow is 6:30am til 11:00pm :( See I might even spent christmas eve at work :(

Kimberly Tia said...

eeks.. apple & mango w/vinegar so did NOT sound appealing.. ahahhahaha

I'm going to post up another review with more scans from the KEVIN beauty bible in another posting for you ladies to see, it's just been so overwhelming with all the swaps, and gifts and random hauls/shopping... but there's alot of makeup tips and tricks alot of us could benefit from with the bible. It's a great book!

M said...

god, i don't get why work blows so much during the holiday season! sorry babe!

can't wait to see your br ice creams cakes!

oh yeah, i emailed ya :P

Anonymous said...

maybe U can try on Lucido.L items... not sure whether i spell it correctly or not...

enjoy it...like wat u said,when life give u a lemon,make it lemonade.

silent reader

angie519 said...

Thanks for the tutorial video! I really want some Lunasol!

I'm sorry about your situation. At least it's only temporary...

Merry Christmas!! =)

melanie said...

Do you know which Lunasol quad/products he is using? It looks lovely! Thanks for the post and sorry about the teaching situation... :(

paperdollrevenge said...

Merry Christmas!

What kind of hair products are you looking to try? I like Lucido-L a lot...can't wait to hear how your Ma Cherie Platinum works for you! I never see any Japanese hair sprays here, but I have used Schwarzkopf...I think next I'm going to try Bedhead, but it all depends on what you want your products to do for you. =)

beeyoutiful7 said...

Hi hun!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas in Korea !!!


MiuMiu said...

Hey Anon,
Thanks for dropping by!
I've seen very few lucidol items here. I've been trying to look for the volume gel but they see to only sell the curling water and sprays.

MiuMiu said...

Hi Melanie!
I'm not really sure which palette it is.
I can just hear from the tutorial that they're putting on blue shades from the 2008 summer. I have a feeling it's the blue coral palette from the sheer contrast eyes collection. but i could be wrong =p

M said...

omg I was the laziest girl today :)

i didn't have to tape up their ears ;P

how was your christmas?