Monday, December 8, 2008

The Weekend

Yesterday, I wandered around Insadong to get some souvenirs. On the way, I stopped off at Skinfood and I think I'm starting to have an obssession with it. I was only going to get an eyecream and more masks, but I ended up with 2 more items. Everything in there just looked so appealing, except for the makeup, which isn't as great.
The skincare items so far, are awesome. They're a lot cheaper than Laneige. The Laneige emulsion hasn't been very good at moisturizing and the Pore Cleanser is making my face feel irritated, so I'm probably switching everything to Skinfood once I'm through with my Laneige stuff.
My latest Skinfood items included the usual masks and a new one called Bordeux (antioxidant mask) a Black Raspberry Eye Cream (wrinkle care), Milk Mania Foaming Cleanser and Apple Mango Volume Essence spray.
The SA went nuts on the samples. It includes samples from the Caviar Gold line and its foundation, Black Raspberry cream, toner and emulsion and Avocado Rich toner and emulsion. I'm starting to get a huge collection of samples. I haven't even finished using all my Hanskin samples either! So many reviews to be done XD

Insadong is a small street that's geared towards tourists. It's got an interesting old town look to it, cobble stones and brick buildings. They sell a variety of Korean items, things that you would find in a tourist shop. There are also cafes and stores that sell cute stationary and unique jewellery.
Of course, they had to have a Starbucks, which I couldn't resist going to. I got a tall Dark Cherry Mocha for 5000won, it tastes like a black forest cake, but I think the baristas added too much syrup because it masked the espresso taste.

Look near the top of the pastry bag, the 3rd picture to the right. It's a picture of a bum! It tells a little story of how these pastries came to be.

It's shaped like poo! Who doesn't want to eat shit shaped things?!? 1000won for 2 and they were quite tasty. If you've ever had the Hong Kong style mini egg circle waffle things, it's similar to that, except these pastries had sweet red bean inside.

Can't get any more touristy than this. I had to get a hug from her and a picture XD I don't understand the free hugs though. Does anyone know?
Thanks to Fei for leading me to my answer to why the free hugs! Check out this site.


Fei said...

Free Hugs! How do you not know about free hugs?? O_O Youtube it! There are actually a couple touching videos.

Yumeko said...

oh that pastry is soo cute XD

i cant wait to hear all ur reviews !!!!

laneige didnt work out for me T-T

Gwen said...

I had the Dark Cherry Mocha just now too, cos I was feeling cold. I didn't quite like it...wished I ordered my usual Green Tea latte! I'm interested to try the Toffee Nut one though.

beeyoutiful7 said...


They are the bestttt during this season...sigh* I really want to go visit Korea now.

OoO you bought more of skinfood stuff! please review them when u get a chance !

Oh, have you tried the FACESHOP brand? they're pretty good as well =)

fuzkittie said...

LOL @ poo shaped pastry! Love it! :]

Nice Skinfood haul~ So lucky!!!

MiuMiu said...

Hi Gwen!
I love the green tea frap version, so tasty.
Did the baristas over sweeten your dark cherry mocha as well?
I don't think the toffee nut is anything special, unless you like something that tastes similar to buttery caramel corn ^__^

yumeko said...

ah cant return that laneige cream but i will give it to my sister. she used hers with some success.

i have a few other things from laneige in my laneige haul and they work ok so hopefully i just got unlucky on one thing.

dont throw out your lotion, use it on ur neck then!

never heard of that garnier anti roller thing , but i want it!!!! gah but no garnier in japan.

collagen is the way to go. but not for a young girl like you! i am 28! need all the help i can get XD

angie519 said...

Free hugs was in a movie or drama.. I forget which one though. It had to do with this couple who was meant to be together and they were suppose to wait like 5 years and meet during this meteor shower. Oh it was a Korean movie! Ooh I'm remembering now, it was kind of like a Korean version of Love Actually, revolving around several couples.

The samples look great! I can't wait for your reviews!

Dark Cherry Mocha? Sounds yummy!

Hahha I'd totally eat shit shaped food!

nlng * star said...
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Anonymous said...

wow... great skinfood haul..

I wish I live in Korea,so many wonderful skincare available in Korea,really,really admire and envy at you.haha

I got parcel from Korea again. Check out my blog for review on vov items,innisfree,charmzone BB cream.

cheers ^ ^