Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Present

I saw the Integrate commercial at a subway station, but thought nothing of it. For some reason, it didn't hit me that Integrate was an affordable Japanese brand (a sub-brand of Shiseido) and that it was available in Korea.
I found it accidentally. I went to some new looking plaza a few subway stops away that had an E-mart (similar to Wal-mart but with a huge grocery store and drugstore/department brand makeup counters)
I was surprised at this E-mart, because the other one I went to looked kind of run down with very little to buy in terms of makeup and toiletries, but the one near me has quite an impressive collection of brands and makeup.
The drugstore brands include Maybelline, L'oreal, Etude House and Skinfood, while the department store brands included Laneige and Isa Knox. I'm not too sure what Integrate is categorized at. They also sold Clio, Cathy Cat and Castledew.
A few weeks ago, I saw the RMK and the Lunasol winter collections at the Lotte Department store, but was sad at how much it was. I was quite happy to see that the Integrate winter collection was available for 19000won! (3.4g)

Christmas came a bit early for me because I couldn't resist buying such an affordable winter palette that had an eyeshadow and lipcolours. Haha, my present to myself just HAD to be makeup. Of course I have to spoil myself, who else would if it's just me and Tim in Korea for Christmas? XD (I think there will be more presents to myself during the next few weeks)
This is the winter palette in the silver version. I love the cover, it's a metallic purple-pink with star patterns that reflect different colours.

The case is plastic (bah!!) and the only applicator is a lipbrush. Good thing I brought my shadow brushes. The inside of the lid is silver with a matte silver to create the patterns, which are the same as the outside of the lid.
There are 2 lipglosses, a white sparkly, probably clear, and a salmon pink gloss. The shadow is a glittery silver which the SA told me is used as a highlighter. In the previous picture, you can see on the box, there's a tip on how to use the silver shade. It's funny how there's a sticker on it in Korean XD
I will do swatches and review of it later on. This is available on Ichibankao for $21USD.
I also purchased a retractable eyeliner. I got this in black for 9000won for .14g. The only downside is there is no lid!! When I first opened it, I noticed some black on the bottom of the package! So I gotta be extra careful when I bring this out.

As the SA was talking to me, she told me that there was some promo happening. It's either one of these things since I didn't fully understand her: if you purchase 2 pieces of select Integrate items, you get a silver makeup case, or if your purchase is more than 30000won, you get the makeup case for free.
I think the SA knew I was a foreigner (judging by my confused looks most of the time XD) so she gave me the case anyway, even though my purchase was only 28000won. There is a zipper that goes from one side to the other. It's got red lining, a small elastic pouch inside and a mirror. The case feels quite sturdy too. The case is large enough to fit my Fiberwig mascara if I put it in a diagonal.
The SA gave me a ton of samples. She gave me Shiseido Elixir Lifting toner, emulsions, essences, night cream and Lifting Eye Treatment Ex cream.

Integrate's latest palette, Accent Eyes, Yumeko has a review of it. It's 18000won, but I don't know if I should get it, I'm kind of holding out to find the Visee palettes in HK.

I don't know what this latest lipgloss is called. The applicator looks quite neat. You twist it up and from the looks of the picture, you can twist it the other way and the extra gloss will go back down.

Here's a closeup if the Accent Eyes tutorial. Doesn't the tutorial make it look so easy? XD


Bittenbefore said...

i really like the accent eyes but i know some people who dont [cos its not as smoky as kate palettes]

but then tats not a bad thing

oh and i cant be alone cos its very popular in japan or at least i think so since the shade i have is sold out at almost every place i see integrate sold at...XD

Kimberly Tia said...

Wow what gorgeous new goodies you have!!!

the cases for integrate look so pretty!! and the shape is unique =)

fuzkittie said...

Woo nice gifts to yourself! :] I gift myself way too often... xD The Integrate palette is really cute, but I never use lippies in a palette~ Can't wait to see it on you!

angie519 said...

That Integrate palette is cute! Sucks that it's plastic though. Wth? eyeliner without a lid? That concept is so foreign haha. As long as it retracts all the way down, then why not. =P

That's a lot of samples! Lucky!

I'm planning on getting one of those palettes from Integrate next time I buy from Adambeauty. I really like those lipglosses too!

angie519 said...

Are you going to post your entry? I wanna see your pictures! =)

yumeko said...

i just realised, none of my eyeliners have lids XD

btw u dont have to steal that lion mascot from mister donut
if u join as a member and collect points, u can get one of the stuffed lion mascots toys

but be warned..according to my calculation, the really big mascot will require u to eat like 300 donuts hahahahaha

angie519 said...

Awww haha okay.

It took me like 2 years! I didn't use it all that often. This is probably the most I've ever used a gloss. The rest of mine are pretty full! I've never fully finished a gloss. I did buy a backup of this because I know it'll be the first I'll ever finish =). I love this gloss!!

beeyoutiful7 said...


I really miss the korean cosmetics. they are amazing and their packaging is soooo pretty =)