Friday, December 5, 2008

My Love

A while back I posted my mini haul from Sasa and this included the LE of the Winter Fiberwig mascara. It's actually nothing special aside from the packaging and color of the tube.I saw on Rouge Deluxe's blog that in Japan, one of the LE Winter Fiberwig is blue!

Compared with the regular packaging it's nothing too spectacular. The regular tube is red with a silver top while the LE one has a deep metalic pink tube and a silverish pink top. This wouldn't be something I collect as I go through this mascara like mad.
This is THE best mascara, my love, the Fiberwig. The one piece of makeup that I can't live without and the only one I use. Even if I try other mascaras, I always use this as a top coat just in case the other mascara will smudge. (because they had)
Although this does not plump up your lashes as much as other mascaras, the lengthening of this mascara is pretty amazing. It contains wee little fibers that hold on to your lashes and creates an almost fake lash look. I've had comments from some of my friends thinking I had falsies on. I've never had any problems with the fibers falling out, so it works perfectly for me since I wear contacts.
This is also my love because it lasts and it does not smudge!! My eyelids are oily so it's quite frustrating to pick out a good mascara. I thought the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander would work. I read reviews on how it's hard to remove, which is true, but it still smudges! Damn thing.
The Fiberwig is the only one that's budge proof, even with crying. The good thing about it, it's easy to remove. This is available on Sasa, Sephora and Adambeauty.
Another mascara that I've tried back in the highschool days (before it became celeb popular, I swear!) is the Kiss mascara. My mama got this at a spa show as a little souvenier for me. turns out this was my first favourite mascara.
This mascara is the only other one that does no smudge and only comes off when it's time to be removed. The formula is created so that it forms tiny tubes around your lashes. Best thing about it is removing only requires warm water and then mascara will come off like little tubes. The only down side is it doesn't create as much length and volume that I like, but this is still a good mascara to try. It's available on Sephora, I'm not too sure about the price.

Steff hotdog is a hotdog chain from Denmark. Looks tasty, but it's quite bland. I'm not even sure that was real bacon bits.

I was soooo excited to find ramen! I saw through the window that the bowls were huge, so I assumed that there would be a Western sized portion of noodles. Turns out this is the smallest portion of noodles I had for 6500won. In the picture, it looks like I finished 3/4 of it already when I haven't even started yet. It's supposed to be Cha Shu ramen, but it just tastes like boiled pieces of pork. The tasty soup base makes up for the crummy pork pieces.

Have a great weekend everyone!


bitch said...

I've been lurking on your blog for a few months now and thought it was time to leave a comment! I'm also an English teacher at a middle school in Korea (I'm with GEPIK) and also a cosmetics junkie.

I had to leave a message today because I *just* picked up a tube of the Imju Fiberwig mascara today from Olive Young in Seoul! It was completely inspired from your previous raves about it on your blog as well as the devoted following it has on Youtube with Asian Beauty youtubers. I thought it wasn't available in Korea so when I saw it in the store I snapped it up straight away as I had to see what the hype was about. I'm going to crack it open tomorrow and give it a whirl.

I also managed to drop a lot of won at Etude House and Hanskin today too.

I haven't officially started blogging yet as I'm really lazy so you won't find a blog under my profile but all this Korean make-up I'm buying is definitely inspiring to start at some point.

nlng * star said...

hi dear,
do mind to help me get some items from korea??


cheers ^ ^

xppinkx said...


im sorry hun that taste buds are not dancing...seems with the 80 dolla turkey isn't doing your tummy any good either

but pertaining to mascara...get the FASIO lash fiber mascara..i had a tube when i went to HK and i loved it made my lashes longer thicker and fuller...

fuzkittie said...

I agree, Fiberwig is SUPER easy to remove and no smudging!! I liked the length it gave me, but I crave more dramatic lashes, haha.. Good mascara in general though.

angie519 said...

I don't remember if I've tried Fiberwig.. I did try Blinc's Kiss me though. And the little fibers really bothered me. They fell off in the middle of the day.. -_- I found Majomajo's lash expander to do kind of the same thing but not as bad. It didn't smudge on me though. Pity it did for you! =(

Yummy food! Sorry you were disappointed, but they look yummy!

MiuMiu said...

Hey Bitch,
Haha, I feel bad for writing that, but I dunno how else I should address you.
Which part of Korea are in you? I came here by SMOE.
I'm surprised you found the fiberwig mascara, I have a hard time finding the Japanese cosmetics I like. I had to order my mascara online.
Haha, I spent a lot at Etude House, but now I'm spending less on it since I wanna save some money for some shopping in Hong Kong.
I look forward to seeing your blog if you start XD

nlng * star said...

hi MiuMiu,

I get all these korea brands from Rumistyle,but I don't know why her ebay online shop seems to be closed for quite sometimes. I personally order from her by sending email,her service is good. However,recently I found out that malaysia online seller do help order stuff from korea too,and the price is cheaper than rumistyle,but some items that I requested malaysia online seller can't find it in Korea >.<

After all,I think if someone in Korea can help me to get items i'm searching for will be much more better.

malaysia have etude house,skinfood,missha,skin 79.
but,some items are not available in here.

i will email u the items after my financial have recover..haha ^ ^

thanks alot for your help.

bitch said...

Hi MiuMiu,

Bitch is fine: it's part of my upcoming blog name!

I'm in Ilsan, which is Northwest of Seoul. I tried to get a position in Seoul via SMOE but all the places were full when I applied. However Ilsan's pretty cool and I can get into Seoul easily.

I was surprised to see the DejaVu Fiberwig which is why I bought it on the spot! It's kind of expensive, 22000 which is more than double the Etude House mascaras I've bought here but I had to try it after all the hype! My favourite mascara here is actually by Missha but I have a ton of other ones to try.

Anyway, I hope to be starting my own Korean/cosmetics blog in the next couple of weeks. In the mean time I shall keep up-to-date with yours.

MiuMiu said...

Hi Ning Star,
Thanks for the shopping source, I gotta find as many good ones as I can't so I can still purchase Skinfood when I'm back in Canada next year XD
NP, just let me know and I'll see what I can do =)

MiuMiu said...

Hi Bitch,
I've never heard of Ilsan, it's not part of the actual city is it? 22000won is kinda pricey, considering Sasa sells it for $15CAD. They offer free shipping for $50USD or more, which is easily dnoe XD
I've seen so many Misshas but I never actually went in one to take a close look.
Haha, a girl can never have too much makeup.
Thanks, I hope to see you around here soon =)

Pixie said...

Hi there, I've been reading your blog for a couple of months, and I really enjoy it. I haven't gone back to read the old posts before today.

I'm Danish and we love those kinds of hotdogs here lol. It's not bacon bits on top, it's roasted onions. Yum yum :)