Friday, December 19, 2008

Ramblings and a Mini Review

AHHH!!! My dear friend and fellow blogger Yumeko sent me a package and it arrived 2 days ago! I was so freaking excited when I saw an envelope on my desk! I love it! Thank you Yumeko!!!!! I tried the Kose mask yesterday and it was quite refreshing. She even drew a cute picture on the envelope. Thank you again!!

Before you finish browsing through this post, I'd like to let you know that I'll be rambling a bit in the end, hence the title, but of course I also leave you with a mini review instead of totally boring you to death XD

When I purchased the Integrate winter palette, the SA gave me a bunch of samples of Shiseido's Elixir. I've been using the Lifting Night Cream for the past week or so and I've decided that I will not be purchasing the full sized version anytime soon.
As a night cream, I expected it to be more rich because it's supposed to help replenish the nutrients in your skin. I didn't expect this night cream to be so thick, it's like spreading butter on your face. There's no detectable smell and this does no irritate my skin, however, I feel that it's too rich. On some mornings, I wake up with visibly shiny skin, kinda gross. It also felt very oily. I don't think my skin can absorb such a rich lotion. I will be sticking to my Laneige emulsion when I'm done using this sample. It's great for those with dry skin though, especially in the winter, but not for me unfortunately XD

I love Family Guy and this is one of my favourite scenes. Enjoy!!

Do you believe in finding close friends through the internet? Or finding a close friend is more of a physical thing as well? (where you meet up with them for a cup of coffee to catch up kinda thing)
I thought I was never good at making new friends. I find that it's hard to get along with most people, mostly because I get nervous when I talk to someone I just met. Girls are the hardest to get along with because I always feel like they're judging me, the way I look, talk and act.
In a way, I'm hiding behind a computer, I feel like it's much easier to talk to other people (bloggers). I feel like they don't judge me and we can find things we have in common. But then sometimes if I'm looking for an outside party to talk to, what if my e-mail venting bothers them? Sometimes, I'm very insecure about my friends. So many things have happened and I'm always scared I'll be alone.
Since starting this blog, I didn't expect to have some conversations or even be mailing things to other bloggers. It's nice to know that you have someone there who's willing to listen to/read you rant. So would you consider these people to be almost your close friend?
How do you make new friends? There doesn't have to be answers to my questions, but I'm just curious, are friends nowadays people that go in and out of your life quickly and easily?

Anyway, Monaaa!! And to everyone else who's curious, here's a description of what my experience in Korea has been in a nutshell.
I had applied to teach after talking to a friend about it. She was teaching at that time and she sent me the website that was hiring. They hire for a bigger company which is the Seoul Metropolitan of Education. (you don't need to known Korean btw) I do not have a teaching certificate or TESOL, I only have a Bachelor's degree in history. The application was SOOO rushed. I applied at the end of July and they rushed me here for the end of August. It cost me a lot of money, mainly because of the background checks and the VISA.
I am on a one year contract so I won't be back in Toronto until next August. The airfare and housing is paid for you. I just have to pay the utility bills which don't cost me more than $100CAD a month and I split this with Tim.
I've had a bad experience the moment I got here. There were no instructions on where to meet at the airport for pickup so I wandered around with Tim and asking the foreign looking people if they were teaching as well. Luckily, the company had hired a lot of people who took the same flight.
My housing has been a mess. Tim and I had requested a couple apt. The school district office had told my school not to find housing for me because Tim's school will take care of the couple housing. However, the school district failed to inform Tim's school, which is why we ended up in a box till next August. I had 2 choices because of the box housing. The schools could find Tim and I a larger place, or I could take 500 000won (less than $500CAD) a month until my contract ends to compensate for the error and as housing subsidy. Of course I took the 500 000won, it will pay for our vacation to Hong Kong XD
I'm teaching in a middle school, 21 classes a week which consists of all the grade 7 and 9 students and I work from 830am-430pm.
My school is very disorganized. They always give me confusing answers and they never answer my questions directly. I feel like I always have to chase them for answers.
The students are very disrespectful to me and any other young female teachers. It's nothing like schools in Canada.
When I teach, they talk, when I walk in the hallways, they walk into me, when they see another teacher they will bow, but not to me. I have never had to talk so loudly everyday before. The first few weeks, my throat would hurt at the end of the day. They constantly use cellphones and MP3 players in class and I have taken away many.
My students are split into 3 levels, depending on how good their English is. I only have 1 class that will actually respect me and listen to my lesson. (These are the high level English grade 9 students and they don't break eye contact with me, kinda freaky).
I have a co-teacher with me at all times while I teach, but none of them really do much to discipline the students or aid me in preparing and presenting a lesson. My co-teachers have problems amongst themselves to begin with so it doesn't really help at all. One of my co-teachers sometimes decides to challenge me, thinking her English is better than mine just because she's spent 4-5 years in Singapore. I've had countless problems and complaints about her.
I've talked to other English teachers that I've met during orientation. They don't seem to have this problem. Maybe I got the bad end of the deal?
The only thing that's keeping me sane are Tim, my blog and occasional shopping.
If you ask me, I wouldn't recommend anyone to teach in Seoul. Tim hasn't had as many problems as me, mainly because his school is a bit more organized. I was told that Koreans are known to be very last minute and they always change their minds. (I was told by the school district during orientation, they could be wrong and I don't mean to offend anyone in any matter)
It has been very frustrating for me. I also think my school expected a visible foreigner and they were disappointed, there was a rumour that I was black. I blend right in because I'm Chinese.

I also don't like spicy food haha and 99% of Korean food is spicy XD


miemiemie said...

aww sorry to hear about your bad experiences..but just look at the brighter side, you become stronger in the end..oh and i think filipino students are rude to teachers..(i include myself here) hahaha well it depends upon the teacher, if he/she does not respect us..well well, hahaha..but anyway, that was ME way back..i've changed (really :p)

anyway, so your contract will end next year? yay! ur going to hk,you'll enjoy it there!:)

yumeko said...

when are you going hk again?
also will u be extending your contract?

glad the package arrived! i was wondering if it did since packages to usa arrived today and u are next to me hahahaha

i'm confused about people online easily since u cant tell emotions from words sometimes. i'm very insecure about people and once i get a whiff that someone might think i am bothering them , i'll back off right away. maybe i should persist more..ah i dont know XD

ning * star said...

oh...seems that u have a really hard time there... students nowadays is very weird... they really don't appreciate they teacher...u make me think of my mom...she is a teacher too...but the student....arghhh...
I think u are a very patient person...if i were in your condition,i think i will really cried out...and i dislike to be a teacher...because i cant handle with naughty students...and i know it will end up : either i hit the students...or the students bully me..

may u have a better life from now on...cheer up ^ ^
May God Bless U

take care

Kimberly Tia said...

gaSP ...that YUMEKO strikes AGAIN, I think this is the 34,593 posting I saw from a fellow blogger that, that woman spoiled, she's sooo wonderful!!!

Enjoy your goodies!!! can't wait for you to review them for us!

Maritime Moot said...

hey, not sure if you remember me as i've left a few comments a few weeks ago.

i really feel for you having read ure rant and stayed in seoul for a month. sad to say this, but the fact your visually asian and very young might be the difference with the students. but on the bright side it seems that some of your students are still benefitting so don't give up! Before I went to Korea I picked up listening to the SEOUL PODCAST - on Itunes- basically by some expat English teachers in school. They have little teaching tips, loads of stories about wacky Korean news etc, and generally stories about how they coped, especially with hogwoons, rowdy students. I found it useful and generally hilarious, so who knows it might be something to check out.

Btw, enjoy your holiday in Hong Kong. The weather here is warmish 15-21, lights in Tsimshatsui are gorgeous as usual and loads of japanese goodies including Lavshuca, Kate etc, sold in Watsons in addition to all the usual beauty counter stuff! Merry XMAS!

beeyoutiful7 said...

You are sooo sweet !

thanks for the lovely comment and the info on unstick lipgloss. I'll guess i'll wait until they have more.

I wanna hear more about your goodies !

have a good weekend hun!


M said...

yumeko must be the nicest person ever, look at the goodies!

thank you so much for posting your teaching experience! i love hearing about people working aboard, esp in asia. ;) so I'm guessing that you'll be coming back after this go?

how's your weekend coming along?

miemiemie said...

hahaha thank you! oh no..if it weren't for the makeup,you'll really see my nasty red cheeks with old scars..grr..

rasilla said...

hey, i kinda recently found your blog, and was intrigued because you are teaching in korea.
i had thought about it...but...probably wont because i am canadian born korean.
all i can say is that the true motherland koreans really get to me as well, because of their mannerisms.
but hang in there! it does seem that some of them are benefiting from your teaching, so keep up the best work that you can!

aja fighting!
(lol not sure if you know was from a korean drama a few years back. but basically a hang in there, kinda phrase :P)

MiuMiu said...

Hey Maritime Moot!
I remember you =D
I don't think my student are learning anything from me at all..other than the fact that they can hear me speak english without an accent. They drive me insane and I never go a day without raising my voice.
Lol..i'm no good with itunes..i find it too complicated so i don't have the program on my cpu.
I'm definitely looking forward to Hong Kong, after teaching winter break classes -____-'
I'm not looking forward to after my trip though, I will be pretty much teaching non stop from March till about mid July.
Happy holidays to you too =)

MiuMiu said...

Hey Rasilla,
You can still teach here even if you're Korean because you were born in Canada. Even if you were born in Korea, all you need is 10 years of schooling in Canada or the other qualified countries, so it's not too bad.
Hahaha, I can say the same for mainland China people, they drive me insane.
I don't watch dramas at all, I gave up after watching the Hong Kong dramas, they're too repetitive XD
Happy Holidays!

angie519 said...

"wrapping presents for you, they're up in my bum" reminds me of my ex. He talks JUST like that, same tone, same manner HAHAH.

I'm sorry to hear your experience isn't all that you wanted it to be. Hopefully you gain good experience though and the enjoyment you gain makes it worth it ultimately. At least you have Tim!

I'm the same! I can't eat spicy foods! I grew up on Kimchee so I LOVE it but I really can't stand most spicy foods.

Yumeko's a darling isn't she?!

Awww cute kitties!! And Moemoe is adorable! I had a bunny once and he peed and shit like none other!

I like the mix matching of boxes! I want some!

cina said...

I just came across your blog while looking at makeup blogs. I love your site so I will be bookmarking to read in the future! ^^

As for your (horrible) experience for teaching in Korea, I really think you got the short end of the stick. My sister was teaching in Korea last year and she didn't have any problems like this. They DID mix up her housing in the beginning but everything else went smoothly.

But still, I hope you pull through your time there and get a lot of Korean makeup that isn't available in North America. ^^ <3