Monday, December 15, 2008

Boobs and a Not Really Makeup Post

Ahhahaha....boobs, what a funny word, who came up with it anyway?? Before I talk about boobs I need to mention my newest makeup remover!
I had to see what all the rave was about with this Mandom Express makeup remover. It is Express right? I'm too lazy to grab my bottle to read it. I thought it was 12000won, but it came up to 8000won at the counter. I got it from a Watsons (a rarity in Seoul) and I think it was a newly opened one so that's why I got a discount, plus a free box of cotton. I purchased the sebum formula for oily skin which works great for me. There's no need to really get into the review as this baby does its job. No oily residue here! My face feels mighty fresh after using it. I might even love it more than my Neutrogena Oil Free makeup remover.
Oh, I made an amazing discovery at this Watsons, they sell those infamous Shisem lashes that Pink raves about, buuttt, I'm too scared that I'll rip my own lashes which is why I didn't purchase them. They were 2000-3000owon a pair if I'm not mistaken. That's cheap right??

I made a possibly retarded or unnecessary purchase. I'm a sucker for products that claim to do wonders, like the Sana Esteny Detocrush Gel and this Pin Bon Buste cream.
Pin Bon Buste is a new product from Japan and it's supposed to be a boob enlarger/enhancer cream. I really don't think it'll do much, it's probably more like a firming moisturizing cream or something of the like. I purchased this at Kosney (super cute Korean store, think of Urban Outfitters but cuter and better) for 36000won for 150g. I knew if I didn't buy it I would regret it later. Someone's got to try it right?
Even though it's probably just a regular ol' firming cream, I still like to have the hope of enhancing my boobs. I'm Asian, I lack in that department...36B just doesn't quite cut it for me...TMI?? Haha..I'm 5'3 and at least 128lbs by now since coming to Korea so that explains a bit XD (and I only speak for myself)
I dunno if I really like it. It doesn't absorb like regular lotion, there's a slightly umm.. dry-ish residue, sorta like dried out glue??? Haha it sounds gross, but that's the best I can explain it. I can't over apply the cream or my boobs will end up looking like I just dripped white glue all over and it dried. There's a light fragrance to it and I can't quite put my finger on what it smells like. Kind of like cotton candy but not really.
For 36000won, if it's good at keeping my boobs nicely moisturized and smelling good, I will consider purchasing it again.
I just purchased the Sana Detocrush Gel today which is why I don't have a picture. It's basically just a thick brown gel with smooth round exfoliating beads. It's supposed to help break down fats in your belly, but I think it's just an expensive scrub haha. (23000won compared to 98HKD) See, I told you I'm a sucker for these products.

I went to Ewha Women's University station and there's some great shopping there, from cheap clothes to independent designers. There are makeup stores and cafes up the ass. Marion Crepes (from Harajuku according to the sign, also available in HK) is the BOMBBB!!! But I didn't feel pig enough to have it this weekend. Instead, I opted for fruit on a stick! These little skewers are candied fruit, like candied apples. They cost 1000won each and the fruit are super sweet and the coating is crunchy. The candy coating is strawberry and grape.

Here are a few pictures of my miniature food colletion. I have the Rement ice cream set, Japanese night food and bakery set. The rest are random pieces that I've picked up. They're very horrible pictures and I've added more to my collection since taking these. The mini fridge has a light inside that actually works...oooooooooooooh. I gotta take some more pictures when I get home. I'm planning to buy at least 2 more sets of food and some sets of miniature animals when I go to Hong Kong.

Every morning, I have to stare at them before stepping out of my room XD


ning * star said...

haha... the way you mentioned about boobs is so funny XD

i like the miniature so much,but it seems to be expensive right?

SANA items are quite famous,but not sure whether the "detox crush" works well or not..

good try ^ ^

I think I gonna need that SANA soon,holiday now,so keep eating at home and doing nothing,fats started to store up.. haha

Nice review ^ ^

acutelife said...

AHAHAHAHA you're so funny..but hey, Im also a sucker for all boobs enhancing products ;) eventho I must agree that most of them do nothing. do you know in Japan they sell boobs biscuits?and now I even heard abt boobs enhancing music LOLz
anyway, here we also got those miniature that you collect, it's a quite expensive hobby tho :P

fuzkittie said...

Wow the foods are soo cute!! If I could stare at those maybe I can eat less... hahaha.

That's weird how it leaves a white layer on? Well, I'm still interested to know long term results!

ning * star said...

i know Japan boobs enhancer works well,I din use coz mine department is big enuf for me...hehe..

i know it is F cup cookies,and also malaysia do have people using boobs pump,i read the review saying that 5 days increase 1 inch...seems to work well ...

good luck for u...

Yumeko said...

let me know how they all go!!
i am too lazy to put moisturisor on my body,i doubt i will follow up with the bust cream XD but so far i am fairly good in the size [hard to find bras/clothes to fit already] so best not be greedy about it.

love ur rement! i have similar sets! will post pics one day!

miemiemie said...

haha boob cream! don't fret..hahaha i'm 5'6 weighing 107lbs with a 34a size don't feel sad,i'm not bothered by mine..:) i feel too thin sometimes..but i think my face looks fat in pictures..but hey,the bf tells me i'm always fat as a joke so i really am not bothered anymore..hahaha

those miniature stuff are so cute! oh hey, have you decided to visit philippines soon? hahaha

M said...

look at those minis! they look adorable and yummy too.

i'd love to hear how this boob cream turns out haha, boob enhancers without surgery is always welcome :P that and lash extenders

CuttiBeBe said...

hey sweetheart! i got your package! omg, you have no idea what a pleasant surprise it was! i've never had anyone mail me a package out of the blue, so it was definitely nice to be surprised!

you are such a sweetie. your card definitely cheered me up. i was feeling a little down that day and wondered over to my doorman like a dork, thinking, oh god, here it goes another one of his packages. BUT IT WAS FOR ME!

i've been pretty sluggish and down. but i will take a bath tonight and use the mask! lol. time to relaxxxx... =)

oh by the way, good smelling boobies are definitely important. haha.. i was laughing on the bus when i read you said, but my boobies are moisturized and smelling good... lol!!!

ok cutie, i'm gonna do some real update.. god i need to catch up! you are doing so many cool posts now! love love all of your korean brands review. you should be designated the korean brand reviewer.

oh! i can't wait to try your bb cream! i've been hearing about the skin food aloe/mushroom bb cream since makeupforlife, and never got a chance to try it. but i'm gonna try my first bb cream!

thanks darling for your gifts. it really made my heart smile. =)



MinSun said...

omygosh you are so lucky that you are in korea!!!!! isn't the life there awesome? and so many things are so cheap i love it!!

hope youare having fun too!! C:

by the way, this is my first time at your blog and i like it a lot!

miemiemie said...

haha my secret? i don't really have braces i guess,one factor..hmmm..sometimes i do eat a lot..oh wait,more often than not..hahaha..but sometimes i just feel like i don't want to eat yes,it depends upon my mood..and it also helps living in a tropical country..back in the US i could gain a pound per day..hahaha but i never went over 115 lbs..its like the maximum weight for me..haha i know weird, but its like that for me..

lucky you for having a for me, i had to quit training just for me to have enough time to review for 2 more exams..which sucks coz i'm too shy to ask for money from my parents..and i am such a loser coz my car was sold even before i got here..i'm luck stuck at home all the time, and when i go out i have to limit my expenses coz i have no MONEY!!! :( boooo

i've been reading stuff about the brand brtc..some mentioned that you can only get it online even in korea? is that true? damn it..why is it so hard for my country to produce stuff like bb creams!!!!!! my next bb cream target is the one from the face shop..that's a korean brand,isn't it? its supposed to be oil-free, so it might work on me..have you tried it?

yumeko said...

yah u read it right, it was USD$13 for the box. everything in japan costs a bit T-T

btw if u guys take the train to pusan and then train up into tokyo, it will cost u farrrr more than tickets directly flying to tokyo i believe.

bullet train actually costs more than plane at times XD

lavshuca gloss is good but doesnt last for me , maybe i am doing it wrong

and yes no pictures of me cos i dont post pics of me online , u can see it in my private blog though *wink*

and yes i collect far too much crap! hahahaa

xppinkx said...


YAY! for the glad you love it i know you didnt have to gush about it cuz everyone else had...and super yay for getting it at a good price!...

as for your miniature food OMG!!! i have seen those here in cute asian and korean shops!!1 i wanted to get some but either my cat would eat them or i would just loose em!
i love your collection and i find it so cute that you look at your collection everytime you leave your house...

im salivating over the candied fruit...when i was in HK i didn't see any but i would love me some grapes and strawberries...GOOD LORDY get me to asia already


angie519 said...

CUTE miniature food!

You should get those lashes! As long as you're careful, you shouldn't rip off any lashes!

GL with the breast cream! Hahha

Aw sorry to hear about your awful clinic experience. That's scary!

Thanks for the reviews!

MiuMiu said...

Hi Minsun,
Hahaha, life isn't that glamourous, not if you're an English teacher and you can't speak korean haha. said...

Hey, I stumbled across your blog and this post by accident (google actually) and was wondering, how do you like the bust cream so far?
(I do realize this entry was rather long ago so I don't even know if you will read it... ; ;
I have been using that cream for 1-2 weeks now (can't complain about my bust size, but can't hurt to have firmer boobs, right?) and I have to say I'm really positively surprised!
I don't like the dry crumbles it leaves, but I am wondering if it's my imagination or my bust really got rounder and firmer...
I actually happen to have bought that Detocrush Gel today too, and I love it!
It's a bit yucky and glibbery in consistence, but it made my skin soooo soft!

I live in Tokyo, so I'm always buying those beauty products that probably have zero effect, but I love them too!

Anyway, would be great of hearing your thoughts about those two products!
Though as I said, I'm not sure if you read this at all, since the entry is from December...

Take care! :)

PinkHana said...

It's funny how they make all these boob creams for girls who wish they had bigger boobs...I'm 110 and my boobs are huuuge! Im over 20 and they keep growing, they've reached the DDD point and don't show signs of stopping!

Big boobs=backaches and not being able to wear ANY cute tops without ripping them or looking like dolly parton!

I hate my watermelons -__- haha

So I guess it's wierd to me that girls would want big boobs, I wish I had smaller ones

angelsoul86 said...

Love ur post...i was googling abt Pin Bon Buste....
Just bought it lastnight....and obviously i check about it after i bought it. :p boobs are pretty aready....but then i bought this sort of stuff to keep it firm n perky! U guys with big boobs really shud consider that... ;)