Friday, November 14, 2008

Majolica Majorca: Jewelling Pencils

I just realized I haven't done a review in a while! Well actually, I didn't bring all my makeup with me so I'm kind of limited. If I do the reviews all at once, thenn...for the next 3 months all you'll see are just my day to day babblings.
Today's review will be Majolica's Majorca (MJ) Jewelling Pencils. For those of you who don't know what MJ is, I did a mini post about it a while ago. Well there's a tiny review of it too, but this time, I bring you swatches!!
I have the MJ pencils in BL503 and SV802. SV802 is a gorgeous gun metal grey and BL503 is a navy blue. I got the SV503 when MJ released its spring/summer 2007 collectiong, titled "Beauty in Black". Both contain silver glitters which don't feel overly gritty.

These are super soft and silky liners, great for smudging, though I don't really smudge. I only use them for my upper lash line as I don't like e/l on the lower lashline.
I wear the SV803 when I don't want a heavy black e/l look. I actually used it everyday when I went back to HK in May. It doesn't stand out too much but it still gives your eyes that extra bit of pop. I don't use the BL503 often, except when I use my Coffret D'or palette in 02 blue variation.
They don't irritate my eyes at all and I wear contacts too. The pencils are quite pigmented and you can layer it for extra color. The only downside is the fading. Even if I use my UDPP, there's still some fading after about 5hours or so. But I always bring the e/l out with me for touch ups. Another bad thing about these liners are, if it gets super hot and humid and you're out all day, there's a chance that it'll travel to your lower lash line. I've had this happen a couple times before, especially if I stay out a long time. However, with a slightly dampend Q-tip, you can get rid of the excess smudging/racoon eyes. Well not THAT extreme =p Even with the minor smudging, these liners do stay put pretty well.

Eeww....I got gross under forearm skin lol
I got my first one for $10CAD at Pacific Mall in Toronto. They taxed me as well, damn them... and Ontario with my 13% tax. that I think about it, it wasn't too bad. On Adam Beauty, they sell it for $8.50USD, but for over seas you gotta add an extra $2, then convert that to Canadian...oh dear...
Anyway, to conclude, I think you should go get them!! They're also available on

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fuzkittie said...

I love those pencils!! Sooo pretty! I think I might have to try those since I love MM!

Yea I tried ordering some P&J at Beauty Habit cuz it was having a sale 25% off! BUT unfortunately I was informed after placing the order that they're back ordered. So I just emailed them back to cancel the order. They're pretty responsive, and I didn't experience any trouble. Are you ordering anything? I'm not sure if you can still use this, but the code was BHCANDY - 25% off.