Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Peppero Day

On November 11, it's a major day in Canada: Rememberance Day. I'm not gonna go through with what it's about.
Here in Korea, November is an important day too, a rather strange one: Peppero Day. For those of you who don't know what peppero is, it's a Korean version of Pocky, but it doesn't taste as good IMO.
Last week, almost all the convenience stores, grocery stores etc were selling and advertising peppero like mad. The companies or the stores would tape the boxes in a way so it would resemble a flower, heart or a star. It wasn't any cheaper though. Of course I didn't know why and who, but after today....it explains a lot.
The point of Peppero Day is to give peppero to those you care for. I got a few from my students, including a box of hazelnut cream wafers.
So why Peppero Day?? Apparently the date 11/11 looks like the peppero cookie sticks. So the company came up with the idea with some students to make it sort of a Valentine's Day. What a way to earn money for Lotte lol.

I saw the kittens again today and I gave them half a crab meat stick. I think they were starting to trust me a bit because they came out of their hiding place and gave me the long inspection look, kinda bad. Tomorrow if I see them, I have to try to ignore them because the kittens must learn how to get food some other way. But it's not like I fed them many times, only 3...

Why doesn't Canada have Cold Stone?? This is the uhhh.. crap I can't remember, some peanut mud pie thing with coffee ice cream.

This is the SHITS! Cold Stone cookies and cream milkshake *drooooools* It tastes so fatteningly good, if that were ever a word. It's kinda small, can't remember the ounces..it was about $4.50CAD

Guy or girl????? A girl...there's actually another poster that I saw (and couldn't find) where she poses with a guy in the same position, and the guy looks SO damn fruity.

Here's one of my uber disgusting barf looking dinners I made. My one pot meal... I bought a pack of mushroom soup mix hoping to make it into a cream sauce by adding less water. When it said "pasta soup" on the box, I should have known there was pasta IN the soup mix. I thought the "soup" was the sauce for regular pasta.
I got mini fusillies yay, with super bland and tasteless cream sauce. The tuna added all the saltiness....all the tuna cans I've had so far, it's salty. What happen to "tuna packed with water"?! I also added some Spam. It's really popular here, especially during major holidays where you gotta get your in-laws a present. I saw a gift pack/box of Spam for $35 for 6-8 cans. WTH???
If only Campbell's cream of mushroom didn't cost $2.30CAD, if only processed cheese was cheaper, if only I had a toaster oven, I could make a damn casserole instead of that!


Bittenbefore said...

i havent eaten spam in ages

and hahah peppero day! i remember that from when i was in korea XD

fuzkittie said...

Pepperro looks really yummy~ Koreans love to say they invented everything, like tofu... hahaha. How is it that Koreans invented tofu before the Chinese? I don't know! I bet they try to say they invented the original pocky sticks, which are Pepperro... haha!

Yea, those flat chopsticks are very interesting! You should totally try the BB cream!!! O man, it's so available to you! Is it dry there? If it is, BB cream would be great.

Kimberly Tia said...

oh lord... february -- snow and cold.. in Toronto!?!? oh great -- I haaaaaate being cold. aiyiyi -- this should be a "fun experience"

i intend on doing some clubbing, site seeing, and definetly the mall. but yah i was warned about the horrid taxes.


thank you for the 411!!!

yumeko said...

you are victim to the super pink packaging XD? i am surprised u havent seen it since its quite big here. it was released in summer and now for winter there is another one available that’s “hair lock” or something.
GHD is a hair straightener/hair curler. its all i use in terms of thermal hair device.
XD you should learn korea! i love new languages. and yes more hair pictures for you!! tutorial…i gotta find a victim somehow.