Friday, November 14, 2008

A Peek Into My Box

I regret not bringing my Lavshuca 2007 winter palette, I want to use it so badly!! I think it'll be kind of pointless to get my mom to send it to me, but if I don't get it sent to me, the lipcolors won't be usable when I get back to Toronto next year, what to do...
I believe I mentioned before that I live in a box with Tim during my stay in Seoul. Everywhere we turn, we can see each other haha.
Here's a peak into my box!
The walls are paper thin, so if I'm not careful, the neighbours can hear my nightly activities. I can also hear people talking next door, take a shower..etc. Good thing I'm living at the end so I'm not surrounded by 2 other boxes.

Sitting on the bed.

If I get desperate, I can take a shower AND take a dump at the same time! Hey, it saves time.

View from the door.

I brought my blanket as a replacement for my lounging sweater, but it has another use now.

When I purchased my blanket here, it came in a plastic bag. I decided to cut the bag yesterday to make curtains for the shelves. I couldn't stand how it got so dusty very quicly. There's even a pocket on one of the plastic sheets so I can leave msgs to Tim! hehe


fuzkittie said...

Haha very creative with the plastic bag~ :D

Isn't that BH code so great, 25% off is A LOT! Yea.. $27 is a bit much for shipping! :x

Bittenbefore said...

that plastic bag idea is so cute with the pocket

shows us what notes u leave HEEHEEE
or is that too personal heehee